Free Targeted Advertising for Safe Network until June 2021 on PRESEARCH

A few of you may know that there is a new competitor to google up and coming - Presearch.

It’s a decentralised search engine with a model that allows users to earn the native PRE token just for searching. The revenue coming from ad placement. It is in an early phase but has 2 million+ users - mostly early tech adopters looking for alternatives, so you have a suitable crowd to appeal to for Safe.

Presearch already has fully operational addons for adding presearch to all major browsers and it’s own android app, all of which I highly recommend.

Their model allows for ‘staking’ keywords, whereby if you do as I have done and stake the word ‘network’ a single ad appears at the top of every search that uses the word ‘network’. I have linked my ad to the Safe Network website Roadmap page. It is a reflection on the status of this project that the ‘latest update’ on this page is from March 2020 (one that strikes at the heart of most of the debates on the forum ref engineering vs marketing).

If you’d like to assist in this effort (driving traffic to the safe network website) or you have a better idea for landing pages - as a group we can start staking the keywords on the rapidly growing presearch engine. It requires staking some of the native PRE token to your chosen keyword - you can be outbid at any time if someone assigns more tokens to the keyword - but in my experience, for now, you can get mighty useful keywords cheaply - and when you are outbid, your pre tokens remain your own so you don’t lose them. I have also noted that good keywords generate click throughs pretty well.

Until June 2021, to speed adoption, their roadmap is for ads driven from keywords staked on presearch to be FREE, after that the mechanics will change.

Whether you find this useful or not as a strategy, I still recommend Presearch to everyone as a default search provider, the results are far superior to other alternatives to google in my experience, and the browser comes with loads of other search engines (inc google) loaded as a single click to switch to the results if you want to see what the same search would have given you on other engines.

There is obviously the potential for PRE tokens to lose value, as for any token, but their project seems timely and is undergoing rapid growth so have a poke around with it and try it out. Type in the word ‘network’ and see my ad for safe network appear! Maybe people here can stake a few keywords, or just suggest good keywords for those who do want to stake.

In closing I will add that I found it difficult to know where to direct traffic for Safe Network as a landing page. I dearly hope that sotros25 is taken seriously. I would add that if David is 100% focussed on launching the platform, he should be enabled to do so and encouraged to find someone else senior to routinely post on the forum, releasing him to focus on the senior management aspects, coding and engineering side without interruptions, distractions and endless forum debates on topics outside of / parallel to the network launch issues.

Find it here:


Just curious why you would link to an outdated road map rather than a more recent weekly dev update .

If you have a link that you think that someone completely new to SAFE would find relatable, please share it. Do you think the weekly dev update is useful marketing material?

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If someone searches network and clicks into this and reads even the first line or two of the intro, they could easily be hooked, it’s excellently written. It is sort of clean and non-hypey, I find


Also, should the website be the home of ‘an outdated road map’?


It is a reflection that they have been completely focused on getting a working testnet out with a reduced team of engineers. So status is - focused on delivering a really revolutionary piece of tech rather than having pretty and uo to date websites, at least for the moment.

Again, you could link to the primer which is very up to date? I don’t get why you’d link to something that hasn’t been updated since March.

Checked out presearch briefly there, looks like an interesting project all the same. After I’ve done a bit more research I might consider staking and getting involved.

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Good to hear you might get involved. Maybe we can all follow different keyword staking strategies and compare notes over time on how many views and click-throughs they produce etc. I love using the keyword staking for several other personal projects, it’s fun to see what people look up and what they decide to click on.


Is updating the website also on ‘pause’ during the push to launch?

I can transfer 1000 PRE that I’ve earned from rewards into staking but I can’t afford to buy any more. If anyone can suggest a relevant keyword I can stake with just 1000 tokens I’d be happy to use them to advertise Safe.

I suggest ‘security’ it’s available at 1000…

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Yes. All focus on launch.

Great find, thanks. I’ve put an ad up on it.

Last update: August 2020

Wasn’t this updated more recently, or has the lock down time flown by?

I feel your correct.

“The current version (referring to the version with August marked as update date). I haven’t changed the date because the only changes are rewordings.”

Quote from @JPL in the primer thread, parenthesis added. I think the point is that he had updated the main technology changes in August which was real rewriting, throwing out Parsec, and then reworded Vaults to Nodes and such only a few weeks ago I think. The important thing being, it’s very up to date (and an excellent read, I’ve been referring to it recently trying to get my head around things).

@Sotros25 This looks very interesting. Especially because it is mostly early tech adopters.

Maybe we as a community or Maidsafe could hire @Miguelo to give the homepage a facelift.


Calm down there negative Nancy.

Said this some time back. It got ignores. :joy: meh


I’ll donate $100 bucks.

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