Free space is important!


@dirvine pleeeease put at least a tiny bit of FREE STORAGE on the network!!

I can’t even BEGIN to imagine how much bigger the SAFE network will be with free space on it (than without)!!!

This is a HUGE issue! We don’t want to exclude people’s contributions because they’re poor!! (in SafeCoin or fiat, doesn’t matter!)

You even said yourself that the “phenomenal return” for you would be “seeing a person in Africa giving a unique cure to a disease we might get” and I KNOW that the opportunities for that will be DRASTICALLY LESS without any free space!!! (and i DON’T CARE about your little SafeCoin competitions/ giveaways!!! So there!!)

Come on!!

We KNOW people will be farming (people wealthy enough to own desktops) so space will exist on the network!! (It’s just up to the coding to make it work smoothly!!)

So many people ONLY have mobile phone computing (poor places) and won’t be able to earn enough SafeCoin without using up all their data!!!


For all our sakes,


P.S. …imagine you’re a poor African kid, who gets to use a smartphone for a minute, and wants to send a quick “thank you” to the red cross for giving him some water… BUT THEN THE SAFE NETWORK SAYS “SORRY POOR DUDE!! YOU NEED SAFECOIN TO SEND ANY DATA ON HERE!! LOOKS LIKE YOU’RE OUT OF LUCK!! HA HA HA HA, YOU’RE POOR!!”

…get my meaning?!

tl;dr: random SafeCoin “giveaway schemes” is not a sustainable solution for our entire future internet


Yes, perhaps the Achilles heel. Not to be taken lightly.


You can access SAFE Network free; if you need to buy some space you do it only one time for the space you need; and then your ‘upload’ or put is yours forever. And I’m pretty sure messaging is free; though I am sifting around for the actual answer to that one;


I’m 100% for making the network require something from you to send data out, be it storage or safecoin.


@whiteoutmashups The ‘Free Space’ topic (in ‘Network’) has been totally thrashed out in:

Maybe consider reading that thread, add to it and flag this one to be locked?

I try and remember to do a quick search before a new posting, to avoid duplication…I’ve been been guilty of duplication myself on a few occasions.


This thread is unique in that it gives a great push “pro free space”


Messaging won’t be free unless we give free space because each message is data.

Uses storage space. No matter how small.


You’re likely correct, I’ve been reading other sections at the time of reading that post; I’m almost done describing the File System; there is a lot still to get through this is quite a big project :sunny:


I’m working out this project I started. Besides the Official system documents; I’m succeeding in being able to speak about MaidSafe Technology holistically so that in conversation there will be only instantaneous knowledge; and I hope to share this dialogue with us, and if it’s worth it consider reading what I come up with;

Consider following my tracks, it’s not a waste of time I assure you, this stuff is amazing. or wait for the final texts/system documents




I’m all for free space but my question is who pays for it? Tanstafl.