Free Software Foundation - No users should trust those processors

A message from RMS: Support the Free Software Foundation

…some thoughts from Richard M. Stallman, President of the Free Software Foundation (FSF), on why people support the FSF and what we might be able to do next.

With funds, the FSF could develop free software front ends to enable Internet users to talk to various important web services without running any nonfree software to do it.

Meanwhile, freedom is threatened even at the level of the processors in PCs. The current generation of Intel and AMD processor chips are designed with vicious back doors that users cannot shut off. (In Intel processors, it’s the “management engine”.)

No users should trust those processors.

With funds, the FSF could campaign to pressure those companies to give us a way to shut those back doors off.


Is there a way to solve this issue maybe risk-v will be the safe architecture and cpus that will save us? tries to make public knowledge of this fact, support the cause here if you please (I am not advertising cause it’s not a product, but rather a good cause)
From the donate description:
"Our international team of activists is exposing the Talpiot program and Unit 8200. All hardware chips in all computers in all devices have been back-doored and are being hacked. We need your help to promote this tyranny so all US Military commanding officers, corporate CEO’s and IT professionals are aware of this hazardous security risk. Thank you for your generous donations! Operation Talpiot:
Go there so you can learn all the proven security issues with cpus