FREE Project SAFE tshirts for all forum contributors


All details are in the thread… read much? @abennett


What do you do in your SAFEnetwork tshirt?
This could be fun… if anyone else is willing to join me in making asses of ourselves :joy:
Are you up for the challenge, how far can we take it?


Very cool dude. :sunglasses:


Ah sunshine, I remember that, but such a long time ago :smiley: Seriously very cool though, all you need is a crocodile on the back there and to crack open a beer and fling the crock a steak :smiley:


You’re welcome to come and visit Queensland. We can give you all the sunshine, prawns, BBQs, and salties (crocodiles) you can handle. Just remember our crocodiles have taken horses so don’t get close to them. And of course all the good beer you can drink.


That’s one of the best vids promoting Safenetwork @Savage . Just a simple message. Well done.


Nice one. I’m up for the challenge. :+1:

I’m doing the Rotterdam marathon on the 8th of April. It’s not really a good running shirt, but the last 2 kilometers or so should be no problem. I’ll let someone hand it to me. Should make for some nice pictures and exposure, provided I don’t end up last. :sweat_smile:


Deserves its own thread @Savage . You may have just started one of the best marketing tools available to @maidsafe . As @dewild makes the Safenetwork known to all marathin competitors, he better wear the T-shirt backwards as he leads the pack.


To show that we cater for both ends of the spectrum I’m happy to wear one while watching TV and eating crisps in my pants


The SafeNetwork Tshirt Challenge thread!
Could work if more people like @dewild join in, and if @JPL sticks to his :smiley: we could get the ball rolling.
I uploaded my video to YouTube using tags relevant to eboarding so when folk search for that perhaps it leads a few to look up the SafeNetwork, cross pollination.
I plan to do another for Kiteboarding but its harder to film.
Im not sure if there is value in it other than having some fun.
It will certainly be interesting to see what weird and wonderful images or videos people can come up with.


Are there E-Board competitions in the USA? What would a sponsorship look like for that type of new sport?


Not to my knowledge.


I would like to get one but I can’t figure out how to DM Victoria. I guess I’m too new at this :laughing:


Yea new users cannot DM till they reach trust level 1

You can attract @victoria’s attention buy using the “@” symbol

@victoria, can you please PM @geoguide concerning his request for a t-shirt.


The new T shirts looked great! Everyone used them at our meetup :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Hey Guys!

We have a new email address for requesting tshirts.

If you would like a tshirt please email

If you would like to make a small donation for your tshirt, it would be greatly appreciated, but it is not a necessity.
Please make sure you only send the right type of coin to the appropriate address! And thanks in advance for any donations!

MaidSafeCoin (MAID) or Bitcoin (BTC): 1CzU6ab24GeEvjXNz3a3wnAkMqqur5Ajir
Ethereum (ETH): 0x56525f6d1a58ccef96ac61834839c87e6b124c89
Litecoin (LTC): LM3Bnkmu7k3v1CTVGFqX4686un7RyX2PsW


Hi, it’s a nice design but in other post I saw this one. I wonder if I can have one of these instead of the white one


Quicker to do this than ask in the forum


I have just received my free t-shirt and a bunch of stickers! Thanks @kayley and team for this practical Christmas gift – it made it in time!

May you all have a peaceful Christmas time and a Happy New Year, that will mark the 130 million and first in the making! :slight_smile:


Glad it has arrived in time for Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :slight_smile: