FREE Project SAFE tshirts for all forum contributors


Hi there. Are you in Penang already. I could meet up with you!!


Hi, I wonder if this is USA only?


I would wonder if this is Europe only.


It was world wide. .


FYI…I made a post in this thread which is also relevant here. The upshot is we will accommodate all the t-shirt requests we can from MaidSafe HQ. Anyone looking for a shirt please please send their size (we go from S to XL) and address to @victoria, and we’ll get these shipped out as soon as we can. We’ll also chuck in some stickers and camera blockers.


Oh yes please 2 medium please to penang, Malaysia. How do we pay for it? Tq


Nick says they are free to forum members, but he will set up a coin address that people can donate to if they wish. I haven’t seen the address yet,


Thanks Neo. Then i shall wait patiently.


Follow this link and there are the details on how to ask for a T-shirt


Sure Neo. Thanks for help.


My favorite restaurant had trouble calculating the XOR distance to me, so routing was a bit difficult. Got here eventually though :smile:


I love when something is free! Ahaha


Good Day to you!

I would love to get a t-shirt, have done some but alot more contributing coming!



Here’s how you make that request Mark!


Damn I want one!! ;D


This is awesome :grinning: and very generous.
Thanks for the T-Shirt offer, can’t wait to wear it on the next Meetup with the IT team.


I really like the logo and would be interested in receiving one. Thank you.

Best Regards,



Hi so we are getting much more active with the community here in Malaysia, and there are about 3 forum contributors who asked me for T shirts (they really liked my blue “SAFE Network” one).

We also would want to get a surplus so we can outfit our little army as we attend Bitcoin / other meetups together :slight_smile:

Who would we talk to about getting shirts? Would be happy to pay. Thanks @maidsafe


Hi Will. Tshirts will be nice :grinning:


Thanks, let’s make it happen :slight_smile: :+1: