FREE Project SAFE tshirts for all forum contributors


still true? :confused: i’d love to get a shirt too :open_mouth:

edit: i’ll just sent you my details :smiley: since @dirvine used “Never” too! :stuck_out_tongue: so 2 nevers!


yes please :slight_smile: !!!


bummer I saw the post but not the date and hastily sent my details… only to see we missed the boat :unamused:


nooooo we didn’t - i’m very positive they will have/print shirts for us! 2 nevers! :slight_smile:

(and i know of at least one more person that wants a t-shirt very badly :wink: )


Omg yes please!

And if you can do one in 18-24 months for my little boy I’d be over the moon. That would illicit more questions and closer inspection by Joe Public than on me for sure… he’s a cute little bugger ;). Obviously I understand that might not be possible with doing large runs and having to get just one or two sizes, but you never know.

Either way, I’d wear one with pride.



Still have & wear mine :slight_smile:


wow it’s a while though, i do too:):slightly_smiling_face:


More T-shirts more T-shirts…

SAFE Network T-Shirts

Quite a few sending PMs about t-shirts. I’m currently looking at a better way of accommodating these requests through a fulfilment company, or similar. Thinking that we supply them with the t-shirts free of charge, and whoever would like one gets in touch and pays the shipping (merch is free) and a small fulfillment fee. We also have some stickers and cam blockers. I’ll post back into this thread when we’ve got a solution figured out. Thanks.


How to get such a nice t-shirt? Where to buy it? Is there are store ? Maybe someone could give me a link? :slight_smile:


I have the same questions as @SmokeTM.
And, can I get mine autographed by David and Nick?


I want an autographed t-shirt by all maidsafe team too :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m sure if they put one of those up for auction it would raise a surprising amount !


Great design and love the ants. Do you send to penang Malaysia?? Would be great to have two. I can imagine most of my team here would be so envy!
If the answer is yes, how do I pay or go about getting them??


I’m from Malaysia too. Perhaps we can share the cost of postage?


landing there in a few hours, could possibly bring one


Yes @wong. If they still have them. It would be great!


Asian women in Asia excited about SAFE. Its a very good omen for the prospect of SAFE being successful.


Is it possible to get the t-shirt now?


David! Hello this Mark I feel safe now being brought into the network ! Thank you and will be contribution
will be made! I had a lot of traffic following me around after 25 years of not having a plan on this new medium. Have a great week cheers