FREE Project SAFE tshirts for all forum contributors


This was all actually a grand scheme to meet Mrs. Paige in person :smiley: lol

Mission accomplished!


Yes, I think you need to post a bit before you can PM. I had the same issue when I first joined.


I have to admit I’ve only just signed up to the forum, but I’ve been spreading maidsafe in real life since I heard about it. I hope that qualifies me for a shirt :slight_smile:


Just got the shirt from the post box - it looks great and I am looking forward to wearing it out! :slight_smile:


Yup also got my shirt

Pharrell’s song “Happy” best describe how I feel right now…

I’ll keep the envelop that this came with, because this is def a Maidsafe collectors item.

Thanks 4 the shirt


Domain name: If it’s of use, happy to donate, any ideas/guidance? Thank you.


Do you own it?


Yes, i own the domain.


Would love to get some shirts to give to our Sydney meetup members @Shona @philip_rhoades.
Build some awareness. Also I want to make some stickers and do some stencils to get branding out there


I am happy to post out some t-shirts, just PM me an address, sizes required and I will post some out to you :slight_smile:


Hi @m3data, that sounds good! Let me know what you need for stickers etc! I can lend a hand!


Hi Shona :smile:
Be great to get some stickers! Also the artwork for logo would be great if you can. I will pass on address details to Justine for the shirts and you can send together. Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi, is the supply still actual? It would be so amazing to receive such shirt and wearing it will make me more happier :smile:

EDIT: As to contribution, I do translate SystemDocs into Russian and try to spread Safe ideas around. Hope it’s enough for getting such an awesome shirt! :innocent:


We ran out of T shirts and have ordered more, we will get one out to you as soon as they are delivered. @justine_mclevy will organise this with you directly. Thanks for all the support @dmitry_n!!


Cool, thank you, expect much!


My T-Shirt has just arrived! I’m so happy, I love it! Thank you very much, I wish much much luck, success and happiness to this great community and MaidSafe the company as well!
When I will protect my coursework which is dedicated to the SAFE Network, I will wear this amazing T-Shirt! :blush:


Hehe your post made me want one, but then realised the thread is from Aug '14 even though your post is a couple of hours ago. Guess its too late for this old guy.

Great T-Shirt design though.


Send your details to @justine_mclevy I’m sure its not too late.


It’s never too late for a shirt, PM me your address and size and I shall happily post you out one :slight_smile:


Never too late, we will get more printed if we have to! I am delighted folks wear them and like them, Shona and Justine do a great job designing and delivering etc.