FREE Project SAFE tshirts for all forum contributors


Any chance of linking to the vector files on the design?

I might like to do some vinyl posters.


Can’t wait to get one! Love the design!


Is this ignorant enough for at T-shirt?


Awesome shirt


Love the Shirt


Now that we have (or @justine_mclevy has) received most of the requests we will get this collated and get the orders off to the t shirt suppliers. Thanks to everyone for their input!


I’m back… Got to get myself up to speed, i just assumed a new role…

Anyway… That’s a bit full on and funny… if that’s works for you, great.


Sent a message to @justine_mclevy . Would like one of those awesome t-shirts too. :smiley:


And then the NSA arrests and tortures all those neighbors and restaurant workers :stuck_out_tongue:


Look what arrived at MaidSafe HQ yesterday! @justine_mclevy will be posting these out today to all except America, which @ioptio is taking care of. Enjoy this rare picture everyone, it was a mission tearing this lot away from their desks :wink:


Such a happy crew! Amazing, historic picture :slight_smile:


I absolutely love this picture! Makes me want to go back ASAP!

And yes, I’ll be handling US orders and have the list on hand. Stay tuned folks!


Awesome, cant wait for the tshirts.


Well done Shona, I can imagine how hard that was. I’m surprised you didn’t just photoshop it, or er, gimp it :slight_smile:


I hope I get a shirt!

I’m homeless (working full-time but sleeping in my car to invest rent money into safecoin instead) but have a PO box!

Can I still recieve one?

Bay Area.

I contribute here alot! And for a long time!


Of course you are welcome to receive a t-shirt. Just send me your PO box number to @justine_mclevy and I will happily post one out to you :slight_smile:


@whiteoutmashups seems to be near me… I can just hand them one in person once our batch arrives.


OK Paige, I shall leave that one with you.


Do I have to have a certain number of posts before I can send private messages? I dont see how to do it with this forum software.


CLick the persons name and the button for private messages should be there.