FREE Project SAFE tshirts for all forum contributors


What are all the current designs?

So far I know of the:

  • gray “MaidSafe” one
  • blue “SAFE Network” one
  • white “Core Contributor” one
  • white “MaidSafe Asia” one
  • white “MaidSafe” one
    Are there any more?

Is the purple one finished?


Hey @AGomez

Please see an earlier post :slight_smile:


me too…maybe she set it as private


can you pm me?:point_left::point_left::point_left::point_left:
wait for u reply😍


do you know where can i see them?


@Wayne_Yie and @cryptotrader000

Unfortunately the forum software doesn’t allow new members on trust level 0 to PM.

See Trust Level 1 Requirements

Originally this offer was for forum contributors, but seeing as you asked nicely I will ask @victoria to PM you instead.


I’m a long time follower of the forums, bought in during the ICO but I’m new to making an account. I cannot PM anyone yet is there anyway to get a shirt?


Once you hit level 1 you can PM people. Just do reading in many topics. Not hard to do 1 hours worth of reading (yea the stats show 1hr too early so just keep reading)

Or I can ping @victoria and if she has time out of her busy schedule she can PM you first. Otherwise PM here once you reach level 1 Trust Level 1 Requirements


thank you for ur assits😂


do you get any tshirt?am from johor😀


Yes. I got 2. How about you?


i got one :joy:
got it juz now


u have 2 shirts? (20 characters)


:grin: Love the idea!


how to get this grey colour one?:kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


pm me! give me tshirt!
cant pm yet😳


How collect all of the SAFE collection?
I wanna wear it everyday!:hugs:
pm me


Can I still get one of these? Please?


All details are in the thread… read much? @abennett


What do you do in your SAFEnetwork tshirt?
This could be fun… if anyone else is willing to join me in making asses of ourselves :joy:
Are you up for the challenge, how far can we take it?