FREE Project SAFE tshirts for all forum contributors


EDIT (June 2018): Can people please email See SAFE Network T-Shirts

Following the thread about the need for Project SAFE Tshirts, we collectively created a design incorporating the community’s ideas. @dirvine and @nicklambert are keen to send one out to each person who has contributed in any way on the forum. So if you’d like one posted out to you please private mail @justine_mclevy with your tshirt size (e.g. small, medium etc) and a postal address for us to send it to. Don’t worry, we have no interest in keeping your details, it is purely for postal purposes only! :smile: We would like to get these out as soon as possible but will be waiting on everyone’s sizes before placing the order so please place yours soon to avoid missing out!

MaidSAFE Tee Shirt
MaidSAFE Tee Shirt
What do we call things to avoid confusion?

awesome design, I love the ants. Just to clarify: does me asking ignorant questions
in the forum constitute enough contribution to get one :slight_smile: ?

and would it be possible to get our hands on a high-res version of the
logo? would like to play around with it for future designs…


You might actually get 2 t-shirts for ignorant questions :smile: I think @David would need to send you the .org logo.


Great design, and great that everyone here can have one and share our excitement :slight_smile:


Speaking about T-Shirts, do we also get the source code to the drawings and images in an open file format e.g. svg so that ppl can additionally print their own shirts apparel stickers or whatnot? Thanks.


Of course :slight_smile: @Shona is it possible to put them up here ?


Excellent! I will gladly wear one with pride!


Me to, MaidSafe shirts gone SAFE shirts on :smiley:


Can I have one?:slight_smile:


Of course you can :smiley:


What a perfect way to get organic discussions started about SAFE! I can’t wait for this to be in the “mainstream” news be able to have other people bring it up to me instead of always trying to figure out who actually cares about what I’m trying to explain to them.


Love to have one, but not keen to give out my address. @happybeing from NSA is watching… He he he…


You can have it send to your favorite restaurant, They can deliver it to your neighbour. Your neighbour can deliver to another neighbour on the next block. The neighbour on the next block could wait for 2days and after that deliver it to you. That’s how I did it


Or you can visit sunny Troon and pick it up :wink:


Yep, I’m working on that today. I’m collating all the various resources that might be helpful to anyone wishing to spread the word about Project SAFE! Will post a link soon.


Heh, you act like they haven’t pegged you already.


I wonder if we should supply each pod with a few extra so that visitors and attendees of hangouts etc. get one? Just to spread the word. Maybe use an hour system type approach and if folk contribute then print more. Each pod can do this on its own or … who knows :smiley:


@stuffminer send me your address and I’ll forward it to you :wink:


@BambooGarden: I put a high-res version of the logo image here. The font is Ropa Sans.

T-shirts and such font + big logo

@David awesome, thanks. I really fancy the .org logo.