FREE money for marketing

Hello friends,

Revolut are an English bank and have a promotion for the next 20 days. They give you 10 euros if you sign up for a free debit card (no monthly and annual fees, free shipping), they give the money after you receive the card and make the first payment with it (you can load money in the card with another credit / debit card)

Only for legal residents in the European Economic Area (EEA), Switzerland, Australia*, and Singapore…

For everyone who signs up, I too will receive 10 Euros to promote the SAFE network :wink: So practically FREE money for marketing…

10 euro are 400 posters to promote the network :rocket: :dragon_face: :rocket:!G10D21

*Australia - Yes, all of you who live on the opposite side of the world can now have a free euro account in the SEPA zone :wink:


Just an FYI
10,000 people open a free Revolut account every day to manage their money better. Please note, this gift amount applies only if you live in Bulgaria. If you live outside Bulgaria, the gift amount may vary.


Yes, 20 BGN are approximately 10 Euro :smiley:

Bulgaria has been on the currency board after 1997 hyperinflation and 1 euro equals BGN 1.95…

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