FREE money for marketing, claim with bitcoin

Hello friends,

on 2.12, a new exciting “fork” of Bitcoin - HEX is forthcoming. The interesting thing about it is that it is organized by Richard Heart, it is on the Ethereum network and is obtained only if you claim it.

Hex is the first “high interest blockchain certificate of deposit” - the holder receives interest while keeping Hex locked in a smart contract.

If you have a bitcoin at an address starting with 1 or 3 and you have access to the private key, the snapshot will be at 2.12 ie. on the 3rd you will be able to claim it for free.

To get 30% on top the magic is as follows. You get a referral link from the site with an ether address (if you use brave and have turned off cookies you obviously enable them).

EDIT: Referrals menu is deliberately removed from the site. So use this guide:

  1. Add your ETH address to this url:
  2. It should look like this:
  3. Click on the link
  4. If you use brave or chrome go to chrome://settings/cookies/detail?
  5. in the field “Content” you need to see your ETH address
  6. return to the hex site and go to the claim section (not activated yet, I’ll add it to this guide when it is online)

You click on the ref link and claim it with a second (different from the first) ether address. The first ether address receives 20% of what you claim with the second ether address. The second address also gets 10% on top. Total 30% bonus :wink:

I will donate 100% of all the free Hex I get for marketing the SAFE Network. If you also want to donate some of your bonus you are welcome :slight_smile:


This is Dec 2 or Feb 12?


So looks like Dec 2

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Yes, sorry it is on Dec 2…

How easy is to claim?

Of course, if you have a hardware wallet you don’t need to insert the private key in Electrum to sign a message. For example if you have Trezor see here:

Hi there.

I’m interested in producing video content about maidsafe.

I’m currently finishing off a series of mini documentaries about biotechnology for a casual audience. So I’m looking for new work in 2020.

If this sounds like something that could be funded under marketing, let’s chat about it.

Thanks for the tip about HEX. It sounds quite confusing!

Best wishes


If you share what the confusing part is, I’ll be glad to help :dragon:


If you want the community to fund these videos, you can bid on a separate topic. Write down exactly what you offer, show the work you did before and what money you want. If the community accepts, I can help as a escrow (free of charge)


Referrals menu is deliberately removed from the site. So use this guide:

  1. Add your ETH address to this url:
  2. It should look like this:
  3. Click on the link
  4. If you use brave or chrome go to chrome://settings/cookies/detail?
  5. in the field “Content” you need to see your ETH address
  6. return to the hex site and go to the claim section (not activated yet, I’ll add it to this guide when it is online)


within 10 hours of the start of its 350-day sale, HEX raised nearly 10,000 ETH. I would like to remind you that as of tomorrow, the free claim is open for anyone who has Bitcoin at their addresses 1 and 3. The first day has a 20% speed bonus.


I successfully claimed 8279 HEX, it is auto-stake for 350 days. Then I will sell it and use the money for the SAFE network marketing :dragon: :rocket: :dragon:

Here is a detailed guide on how to claim. Today you have a 20% speed bonus:

  1. First, make sure you log in through Referral link as I described above to receive a total of 30% bonus. If you do not want to make a referral link use mine:
    It will only give you a 10% bonus.
  2. Go to
  3. You have to use FireFox/Chrome and MetaMask
  4. Enter your Bitcoin address in the field “Bitcoin address”:
  5. Copy the message from the field “Please sign this message with your Bitcoin address”. (This is your Ethereum MetaMask address / if you use a hardware wallet to connect to MetaMask, this is the Ethereum address of the hardware wallet, it is populated automatically by the program)
  6. Sign the message in electrum/Trezor. Here’s how I sign with my Trezor:
  7. Copy the Signature and paste it in
  8. Enter how long you want to Stake. The maximum is 5555 days (15 years)
  9. Confirm the transaction in MetaMask (you need to have 0,05-0,10$ in ETH to pay for it)

Hey friends,

quick updates on the topic.

Over $1 Billion dollars of Bitcoin has claimed their free HEX. Over 136,970 BTC across 20,792 addresses claimed. About 86% of HEX is staked across 35,872 stakes. Over 33,742 ETH has joined the transformation lobby to be transformed into HEX.

-Price- (9am UTC)
0.00038 Bidesk 22.6k 24h total volume on Bidesk
721k $ estimated MarketCap

If you have not yet claimed your free hex, it is important to know that it decreases by 2% every week. At week 50 there will be nothing left to claim.

So why not claim it today and give it for marketing SAFE if you don’t need it? :dragon:

EDIT: Looks like someone claimed with my ref link and we have 39070 HEX more for marketing!


HEX sounds very fishy to me.

HEX was designed for one thing only: to enrich Richard Heart himself, at the expense of every other participant


Yes, this article wants to make it seems so. But there are over 100 hours of video content where every aspect of the project is sought after. There are 6 telegram channels with a bot where every single question you have is answered:

Triggers you can call.
• !new I just got here and I’m going to fix everything! Look what I found!
• !eth Where does the ETH go? You must have no expectation of profit from it.
• !aa How does the AdoptionAmplifier (which turns ETH into HEX) work?
• !sellstake You can’t sell staked HEX.
• !supply
• !share Shareprice only goes up. But how?
• !exchange Where listing?
• !demand Who will buy?
• !ponzi
• !why Why build HEX, why not just use BTC?
• !dump FreeClaims are made over a year and so minimum dumped over a year.
• !casper Staking ETH is risky and low profit or can lose money.
• !btc The old grey mare ain’t what she used to be.
• !whales Bitcoin is majority owed by a class you aren’t in.
• !airdrop It’s not an airdrop or a fork. You mint your own coins.
• !dox Claiming HEX is safe and secure.
• !deflation Shares get more rare over time!
• !past Richard’s history.
• !lend Non-stakers virtually borrow value from Stakers who lend on stake(burn.)
• !deal

I don’t think there is anything deceptive about the HEX project.

And I think everyone who attacks Richard Heart is wrong. There are many people who think like me and create services for hex, for example: - you can see when people finish theirs stakes, how cool is that…

The most important thing. This is a 100% finished project. Smart contract works.

I do not know whether it will be a successful project (in a fiat expression), but I know it is not a scam, a pyramid or any other fraud.

So why not take the free Hex if you had Bitcoin at 2.12 in your address (create and a self-referral link for a 30% bonus)…

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Roger Ver and Richard Heart on Bitcoin…

If he wont answer clearly

who controls the origin address and what are the plans for those coins.

It’s really not a good sign.

It doesn’t matter, because he tells you in plain text that you won’t get anything but Hex for your eth if you send eth.

My personal opinion is that he will use the money to develop the project and become the richest man on the planet. He will then subsidize research to extend human life.

What if he doesn’t? Smart contract works. There are people who work on their own projects around hex (for example, how to use Tornado.Cash to make hex anonymous, or how to use a second smart contract to sell the shares you have in stake).

So do not enter whit ethereum if you do not like it, but why not take the free hex and give it for the SAFE marketing? :dragon:

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The problem is, that address is going to receive massive amounts of hex, for many different reasons, not just people buying.

He could use the money for good, if that was his intent though, why not just say, the address will be owned by this charitable entity.

Instead he will not answer the question in any meaningful way.

I know your a keen supporter, and if you don’t hear the alarm bells, nothing I say will convince you to.

As I said before, I hope it works out for you.

But the origin address question is a very important one to be answered, and he has not done so in any meaningful way

I remember the mastercoin ico, I did well there, and thought Willett mas making good tech.
A walled garden where if people wanted to play they had to buy our coins to do so.
But then when he helped with our (maidsafe) ico, he used his coins to help arrange everything and there was no real need for all the coins everyone else had , willett simply did not play fairly.
The greed of some ppl is astonishing.

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But you do understand that there is good reason for him not to answer, right?

You know that exchanges don’t list tokens that are securities?

In my opinion, he believes that if he doesn’t tell you who owns the origin address, hex will be listed on more exchanges. Is this true, I have no way of knowing.

I’m just a SAFE supporter :dragon: and a small HEX speculator and I don’t like that people sh*t on Richard Heart without evidence.

He is not trying to fool anyone. You send ether, you lose it.

If you want to speculate and the risk suits you, you can send ether. If not do not send ether. But I do not like to say that a person is a fraud without proof…

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Not declaring who owns one address has no bearing on it being a security.

I know you think hes a good guy I hope your right.

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This is true, but if you know who owns the address you can say that you expected something from him. (the Howey Test - Any profit comes from the efforts of a promoter or third party)

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