Free is a Lie


Great vid on a direction we should be investing time and energy into… And why we should be.

Designer and social entrepreneur Aral Balkan believes it is time to build an alternate future where we own our own tools, services, and data. And to do this we must create a new category of design-led, experience-driven ‘technology’.


Ripping talk, thanks for sharing.

I have given Aral a SAFE heads up via email.

It’s great to find these kinds of influential people and present SAFE as an option to their concerns.



Amazing how parallel his views are to ours. I see both projects as 2 parts of a puzzle toward the same end-goal.

Aral is working on the mobile device.
Project SAFE is working on the Internet eco system.

He repeats the “key” ingredient several times. The User Experience.
A better user experience will ultimately win mass adoption. And it should be a standard criteria for Project SAFE.


How about a MaidSafe OS based on Ubuntu?


Thanx for sharing @chadrickm
Here is a interview of him on [][1] Yeah I know I’ve shared that site before, but there are a lot of like minded people there.

How about a combination of Ubuntu, Qubes and Tails based OS
(Ubuntu for great user experience/ Qubes for sandboxed apps which is more secured/ Tails OS running completely in memory more privacy)

Ideally the browser has NOSCRIPT, DISCONNECT.ME and PRIV.LY by default


Someone should contact the developer of Qubes. She does accept Bitcoin. Qubes OS could use SAFE Network for cloud storage.


It so good that people like this guy are in the world today. We need them.

He lays out the tyrrany of the ubiquetious database brought to us by the disempowerment digital economy. He also hits time. The current economy and its core message doesn’t allow us the 4 hrs of quasi voluntary time on the average day that we are wired for, rather it jams us with 8 plus hours of involuntary time on the average day and makes us literally involuntary. He uses the S word (sponsorship) very correctly. He puts the consumer level at the core and recognizes that we’ve reached a threshold on device power and features where the emphasis must be on quality of experience and design. Still it might be nice to have hugely powerful mesh boxes that were super cheap. He gets the bit about us being the products and our being subject to the patrons. Joharis window on “experience driven open!!!” is amazing. He hits the idea that the ubiqueteous node must be a consumer device (but IMO much stronger that Apple’s multi Peer,) the net replacement will at its core be the phone. IMO has something to do with psycho physics, hands and pockets and mobility.

He nails the political aspects when he says it comes down to these tools whether we will have civil liberties and human rights or don’t have them and of course the capacity to improve and spread these vital tenants of human life. He gets the urgency and gravity right. And he is doing something about it, apparently a very apt course of action.

The ‘free market’ is a lie, its more like the enclosed market. Especially in the context of open.

UBUNTU: I am because you are, you are because I am.


Thanks for sharing Aral’s Video. Wow!!!


The link above talks about AT&T’s sponsored data plan. This is the plan to make mobile more like TV. Of course end users resented having their data caps eaten into by ads. So now it will be ‘free’ to watch Fox News and it will be great for ALEC type entities. And of course the data caps were a scam and info enclosure effort to make the internet more like TV. But TV is the worst medium ever devised. We should be breaking up Fox and AT&T and all these. We certainly wouldn’t have the Republican or even Democratic parties we have today without them. They need to go. Remember TV Tax act they were trying to push through because they felt were entitled to money and the Internet was destroying sponsorship. Well it looks like these attacks on neutrality have them felling better and of course they keep trying with SOPA/PIPA/TPP.


this would be AWESOME!!!