Francis watch out!

@frabrunelle watch out, your profile is being used in a fake ICO at

They didn’t even use your correct name :joy:

Anyone following them, don’t associate him with this coin project (which promises 2% daily returns… Illegal), because it’s not really him.

Everyone beware, this is happening more and more often in this space.

Recently happened to MaidSafe Asia as well.

Everyone in crypto needs to watch your identity


And the second person in their list is from the site

With the wrong name too. Look down the page a bit

The third person is actually that person


Forth person has a different name to the real person.

And I’m sure most of the others are different people to their image.


Crazy story.

Sad to see this is commonplace these days

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This crap was going on before bitcoin. It was called HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) and the scamming ones would take photos from anywhere.