Fractional motorbike bug resurfaces

Is it just me?


This was meant to be a test of empty sub-dirs… which seems to work just fine on this limited test – thanks devs :slight_smile:

What you should see…

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It shows up normal for me…

Does show up fractional

Maybe it’s some bankers on the SAFE Network experimenting with fractional reserve banking. :sweat_smile:

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Thanks for testing try safe://vroom to see a link to an empty sub-dir

is fractional

Both are fine on mobile though :wink:

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ISTR I had better results on the phone a few weeks ago when we first saw this problem


Super strange, I refreshed in the desktop SAFE browser and now it’s fractional :crazy_face:

On mobile everything is still working fine.

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Yes fine on the phone but not on the desktop

Anyhow - thats a known problem.
I trivially tested clicking on a link to an empty sub-dir shows a blank page which is Expected Behaviour - small tick

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Last time I looked at bike, safe cat always retrieved the files in full and so, saving the .jpg didn’t see a problem… it’s just the desktop browser, if it’s the same this time. Likely then still an issue with the gifs


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