"Fossil Fuel Divestment Reaches 3.4 Trillion Globally" 12/2015

800 Billion dollar Rockefeller fund divests from fossil fuels in September. Rockefeller’s against oil is like “Christians against Christ,” the change is coming. They are bigger and more powerful than the Kochs. Let see if the Rothschilds are divisting? Oh use they must be because those two clans allied their assets recently.

On Divestment
Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild “added at a conference that “When we talk with companies, we have to be very clear with them that we care about issues like their carbon footprint,” according to P&I.” Feb 2015 She is the spouse of Evelyn Rothchild and they own the group that owns “The Economist.”



Wasn’t it last year that the horrid Citigroup or Chase suggested divestment?