Forum Update: New categories, Project SAFE News

Hi everyone, here’s the second update about how our forum is doing and what’s going on in our community (read the previous one here). First of all @frabrunelle and @jm5 showed us another way to stay informed about Project SAFE. With the launch of the website everyone has the opportunity to read the latest articles about all that’s going on in our community. It includes, videos, interviews, news articles etc. If you subscribe to the mailing list you’ll actually get all the updates in your mail as well.

Another thing to point out is that we made some changes to the categories here on the forum. We’ve seen a lot of people talking about other projects so the category “other technologies” is now changed to other projects. In this way it’s more clear that this is the place where you can talk Ethereum, Storj, IPFS, Sia, Bitcoin, Counterparty or any other crypto projects. Something else we’ve seen over and over again are topics about companies that got hacked, stolen credit card numbers, leaked databases etc. For all those discussions we added the cybersecurity category.

Our forum is doing great over the last 30 days. Remember my last forum update? We had 61 new users (about 2 new ones everyday). We’re actually speeding up a bit (growing 30% faster than last month ;-)). Here are the stats for the last 30 days:

A warm welcome to all new members! So, finally let’s look to some interesting posts we’ve seen over the last few weeks. It has become tradition that after every Dev-update someone will ask for installers :yum:. Last week wasn’t any different and @nicklambert replied in this way:

Installers are being worked on at the moment (sorry I know you have been told this before) and we are looking to deliver these at the end of the sprint. This is getting a lot of focus internally as this will make running the network much more inclusive which is what we are all about after all.

An inclusive network? Well that sounds very interesting isn’t it? It means that all of us on Mac, Windows and Linux will be able to join the network using a command-line client, and if all goes well it’s actually possible that this will be the actual network! The status of “Implement Unified StructuredData” was changed to “done” today so that means we’re getting closer and closer. A great :thumbsup: for the Dev-team because we all see how hard you folks are working.

That’s all for this update!


Do you happen to know whether the installers will have a GUI and be able to allot resources to the network? Or is this mostly a test of the networking on a global level with like you said a command line interface? Sounds like the client will be fully functional on the networking and resource levels but just not yet feature complete.

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In the replies on the Dev-update, @Viv is talking about how it’s all command-line right now. But I don’t know if there’s gonna be a surprise once the installers are out. I expect only command-line. But the great thing with installers is that you don’t have to compile anything yourself. This will put the door open to a lot of others as well who don’t want to disappear in dependencies, compilers etc.

Correct. Here’s what David said about that:

It wont yet be feature complete, but should be as real as possible. It is not security or tech debt sprint done though, so some care required.


Nice update Rene and great to see the community growing. @Ross is working on the dev update for the week and we’ll be getting that posted shortly.


Yes compiling is a huge hurdle for many so these installers will be a huge help, and I don’t know command line but I will be following closely on the forum for some hints on how to tinker around so I can contribute any way I can with how the network performs globally! Thanks for the informative reply.