Forum Update: Countdown, changes in Mod-team

Hi everyone, here’s the fourth update about how our forum is doing and what’s going on in our community (read the previous one here). First of all I would like to share with you that @hillbicks stepped down as a Mod. He’s way to busy with work and personal life to keep up as a moderator as well. On behalf of the whole team I would like to thank him for all the great work he has done for the community. Next to moderation he worked very hard on the SAFE Network Wiki. He will be around on the forum so it’s not a definitive goodbye, but anyway: Thanks!

@Seneca Joined the Mod-team. And of course we would like to give him a very warm welcome. @Seneca is a very active member on the forum. He’s a student at HU University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht (Netherlands) and he likes to get into the depths of SAFEnet as well.

So how’s the forum actually doing, are we still growing?

We’re growing a little bit slower than the last update, but we still see about 30 to 60 new members every month. Totally we’re at 1564 members. Welcome to all new members! Next to our own forum, “we” are still at Bitcointalk-forum as well. You know, that place where hundreds of new coins launched over the last couple of years. I asked @nicklambert some weeks ago about who’s behind that account and he had no clue. This means that some anonymous user decided to add the project to that website :yum:. I decided to keep a look at that place as well, and also did some little updates (different username). The page has over 91.000 views and it get’s a couple of hundreds a day. Have a look if you like. We might reach some other folks next to this forum.

Finally it’s time give another thumbs up to the Dev-team. While we’re surfing the forum they’re fully focused on the RUST-5 Sprint. The one that will give us a global network where we can all connect. This means that next to connecting over the internet, we will be able to connect and share over SAFENet soon. How does that sound? I was just tipped by @Melvin that the Systems Dashboard for the sprint just became active:

RUST-5 Sprint. System Dashboard JIRA.

The Ants are coming!