Forum Update: another new mod, ready for launch

Hi everyone, here’s the fifth update about how our forum is doing and what’s going on in our community (read the previous one here). Things are heating up as we are very close to the launch of a global network. And to be totally prepared for more visitors and new forum members we added another moderator to our team. I’m very glad to welcome active forum member @neo as a new mod. He was already helping us out with flags about spam, off topics and more. We now have mods from the Netherlands, UK, Canada, Australia, US and France. Being this global is a real pro because of the different timezones. So, how’s the forum actually doing??

68 new members in the last 30 days. That’s quite the average of what we’ve seen over the last few months. Of course a warm welcome to all new members as we’re totaling 1618 folks so far. But that’s not all. We see a lot of traffic coming from different places as well. Folks who just hang out here, take a look at our topics. Here’s where they come from:

Next to Google, Reddit is giving us over 28 views a day. Reddit/Maidsafe is nearing a 1000 followers. And because the Maidsafe team is moving away from the term “maidsafe” in the code we decided to register Reddit/Safenet. We never know what the term will be when people refer to SAFE in a few months.

When it comes to moderation a discussion was started in this topic. It was about when topics should move to off-topic and how far we should go in keeping people on-topic in respect to the OP. Well, that’s not always clear. In the off-topic category we try to intervene as little as possible. We even try to stay out when people move away from the OP. Another thing we noticed was a huge number of new topics about the price of Maidsafecoin. We merged some of them because otherwise the whole frontpage got filled about the price being up, down and back up again. But just to make clear, speculation is welcome. Everybody is free to post whatever pricetarget they want. Even if the source is their gut-feeling or the rise of a new star on the horizon :smile:.

For the coming weeks I wish the Dev-team all the luck with the launch of the global network. Join @happybeing in his effort to create the first Web Ring for SAFE where you’ll find links to other safesites. And don’t forget to join the LIFE IS PEOPLE - ANTS meet up.

For questions, comments, complains feel free to PM @moderators

That’s all for this update.


I’m always pushing SAFE stuff in r/Futurology (/u/DCENTRLIZEintrnetPLZ) :smiley:

Just finished a lil discussion about p2p direct-democracy govt (SAFEvote) on there!


This is a nice one as well:

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Bad-ass Good to have you keepin’ the peace @neo. Don’t get too big for your britches though! (And other various things I say to any new mod that I encounter…)

Just pointing out - reddit is so huge (like sooooo huge), and I am very excited to see what is able to be accomplished in a likewise fashion on the SAFE Network.


@smacz thanks

Good advise. If I did though I am sure that there will be a hundred or so people tell me.


For the totally super-official record, could we get your continent of residence? I love to brag to locals that I actually talk to other people outside of the northeast (USA).


Australia. East coast.


/r/futurology is such a cesspool. They have no sense of economics nor social psychology.

Robots terking muh jerbs!


Lol yeah there’s alot of that.

I just like the positive things they post about the future. Advances in tech, etc


For months we grew new users at about 60 new users / 30 days. Over the last two weeks we’re speeding up quite fast. In the last week we’re actually at double this rate. Seems like SAFE is getting more and more attention :+1:


Are these stats a mod tool, or can any user access these (I’ve seen you post screenshots like this a couple times now)

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It’s mod/admin. That’s why I’m sharing when something interesting is happening.

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Well, it’s really cool to see and I’m all in favor of updates whenever something cool like this happens!