Forum Update: 5872 members, new moderator and backup admin

Hi everyone,

Here’s the thirteenth update about how our forum is doing and what’s going on in our community (read the previous one here).

New members and forum growth

First of all, we would like to welcome all new members (please feel free to introduce yourself in the Introduction topic if you haven’t done so already :slightly_smiling_face: ). We’re at 5872 members right now! That’s a 42% increase since our last forum update (which was 4 months ago) :rocket:

Screenshot from 2017-11-30 15-52-12

We are very pleased to see our community grow at its current rate (see more stats).

New moderator

We’d like to welcome Ward (@draw) to our team. He’s a long-term and active member of our forum.

@Melvin and @krekc have decided to step down as moderators recently. We would like to thank them both very much for their help with moderation over the years.

New backup admin

@lightyear is stepping down as a backup admin. He hasn’t been active on the SAFE Network Forum over the last few months, mainly because he’s been busy with other projects. We’ve decided to add @polpolrene as a new backup admin since he’s a long-term and very active community member (and also a mod).

General info

List of admins:

List of mods:

For questions, suggestions or complaints about moderation, please contact @moderators by PM (or feel free to create a topic in #meta). For issues related to specific topics/replies, please contact @moderators by PM.

If you spot something that’s not in line with our Forum Guidelines, please use the Flag function. That way all online moderators will get a notification with a direct link to the topic/reply.



Thanks @melvin and @krekc for your sterling moderation, and good luck @draw.

Thanks to all you mods and admins - not everyone can appreciate what is involved, but I’ve been there and am very grateful to you all for the effort you put in and the quality of moderation we have in this forum. Which is outstanding, the best, everybody says so (lol) in large part because of you.

No pressure then Ward :wink:

And look after yourselves and each other too.

Nice update Francis!


If you guys ever need help I can offer. I never really offered here before, but I’ve been on this forum every day for almost 4? years now (2018) :stuck_out_tongue: and no signs of stopping


That’s awesome and I’m guessing it shows some resemblance to the network itself minus non English speakers maybe which actually raises a good point… Will we ever add other language sections to the forum?


Awesome but do we know why they are not visible on the home page?

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We really don’t have the ability here to handle it. This is a English speaking forum and to make it multi lingual on the front page is to dilute the effectiveness of the forum. @whiteoutmashups helps in another forum about safe that handles Asian users primarily

Some forum s/w only shows the categories on the front page and these can have all of them since you are not seeing posts but just categories and maybe latest post title in that category. But discourse takes another approach where it shows all the new/updated topics in the categories most desired to be on the front page. If we showed all new/updated topics on the front page then we’d have a lot of non-safe topics showing, and if we had the “local” topics then there would be unreadable ones. Then an interested reader of SAFE would be hard pressed to see more than a handful of relevant (to them) SAFE topics, and see a number of off-topic, non-readable topics in languages they don’t read, forum related topics from meta, etc.

So by selecting the most relevant categories to show on the front page we can keep the forum relevant to the most people. The other categories are only a click away.


Is there a way for me to track a particular member? E.g. I’d like to get notified of topics where @dirvine posts a reply.

Not sure.

If you click on the “@dirvine” and click the avatar that appears then you can see his public profile and there is his top replies. But I don’t know of a way to “track” him


Just want to mention that if the current trend would “freeze” and we keep adding 15 new members per day that we double in 12 months reaching 10K members. But my guess is that we’ll be there way sooner in 2018 :sunglasses:.


Could you please provide any update? According to google trends, looks like its gaining speed :slight_smile:



And the same one as before up to the current date:



Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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We’ve made a new record welcoming 50 new members on 1 day.

50 daily

Welcome everyone!



Sounds great! Let’s go Safe!


We will be above that regularly soon. This growth rate, and we only have a test net.

Once the network is live, the participation growth will be explosive.


The average is very encouraging too: around 30 new accounts per day and rising. That is very impressive, and ignores a much larger number who we know visit and lurk.

People only sign up when they want to post or join the tests, and 30+ per day doing that is amazing.