Forum Update: 4126 members / guidelines / trust levels


Hi everyone,

Here’s the twelfth update about how our forum is doing and what’s going on in our community (read the previous one here).


New members and forum growth

First of all, we would like to welcome all new members. We’re at 4126 members right now! That’s almost a thousand more since our last forum update.

New rules added to the Forum Guidelines

We don’t add new rules to the Forum Guidelines unless we think there’s a clear need for them. In this case, we’ve looked at the big number of crowdsales taking place in the cryptosphere and a way to prevent people with zero interest in SAFE to pump some project in the #related-projects category. We also added rules for crowdsales for projects that are designed for the SAFE Network. In short:

  • Users at trust level 1 (or higher) are allowed to run crowdsales for projects that are designed for SAFE. These projects show up in the #apps category. We do ask people to provide things like a real name and details about their technology and the way they will use SAFE technology.

  • Users at trust level 1 (or higher) are allowed to create topics in the #related-projects category. We also allow topics about crowdsales in that category (for projects not using SAFE) but they won’t show up on the front page. We also request some technical details about these projects (not just pricetalk).

Make sure to read all the new rules in the Forum Guidelines. We hope this allows people with great ideas to hold a crowdsale for a SAFE project. At the same time, we hope to discuss other projects in the #related-projects category while having a little barrier to prevent new users from just coming in to pump a project.

About those trust levels

People sometimes get confused about the trust levels. Here’s a great explanation on the Discourse Forum. Our own requirements for trust level 2 are a bit more strict than the default settings. We explained them in this topic in #meta. In short, the trust levels protect our community from trolls, scammers and a bunch of other unwanted guests. We limited the Price & Trading topic to TL2 last year as we saw new folks come in just to try and influence the MAID price. This worked really well. The #related-projects category is now limited to users at least at trust level 1. This is to prevent people from promoting/pumping other projects without any interest in SAFE whatsoever.

Ready for Alpha 2

Here are some great links for those who want to publish a website on the current TEST 17 network:

Make sure to check this topic: “What is index.html and how can I make a simple safe:// website”.
It helps you create your own safe:// website in minutes.

And also make sure to watch this great video by @Zoki:

General info

List of admins:

List of mods:

For questions, suggestions or complaints about moderation, please use @moderators. For general moderation discussions, feel free to create a topic in #meta. For issues related to specific topics/posts, please PM @moderators.

If you spot something that’s not in line with our Forum Guidelines, please use the Flag function. That way all online moderators will get a notification with a direct link to the topic/reply.


Forum Update: 5872 members, new moderator and backup admin
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