Forum Update: 2753 members, new domain (


Hi everyone,

Here’s the ninth update about how our forum is doing and what’s going on in our community (read the previous one here). First of all we would like to welcome all new members. We’re at 2753 members right now!

New domain (

Due to a lack of certainty about the ownership of the domain, MaidSafe, along with the administrators and moderators of this forum have agreed to change the domain name of this forum from to We want to move the SAFE Network Forum to another domain in order to avoid any potential problems and to have a clear ownership of the main domain used by this forum.

Therefore, to clarify the future ownership of the domain name, I registered a few weeks ago in preparation for this move. As part of this upcoming transition I will be transferring the ownership of to the MaidSafe Foundation. They will then hold ownership of the domain name of this forum going forward.

We plan on setting up a redirect so that all URLs from redirect to the appropriate URLs on By doing so, no links will be broken due to this change. We have already setup a new SSL certificate to use on this new domain name. Lastly, there should be no downtime due to this change since we will allow the site to load on both the old domain and the new one until we are ready to make the transition.

We would recommend that those who bookmark the site and/or share links use the new domain. However, the old links will still work wherever they appear on the Internet. We expect that this will be a seamless transition that will not disrupt the day-to-day operation of the SAFE Network Forum.

This global redirect is scheduled to occur on Thursday, August 11, 2016 (in two days). We would appreciate the community’s support in this matter, and would be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Price & Trading topic

In the last update, we added a new guideline that said:

  • If most of your activity is in the Price & Trading topic, we urge you to find another place to talk prices. This is a broad community forum, not a forum for traders.

We have now removed this guideline because we realized that there is not a clear way to enforce it. We feel that it was enough to simply restrict the Price & Trading topic to trust level 2 users. The requirements for trust level 2 have been increased in response to the number of new forum users. New users are required to be more active on the forum in order to earn the member badge (trust level 2).

Lastly, the existing guidelines already make it clear that we don’t tolerate FUD in that or any other topic:

Do not:

  • Create topics/replies for the sole purpose of causing unrest on the forum.

SVG images

It’s now possible to upload SVG images on this forum :slight_smile: SVG is a vector image format that can be used to represent logos, icons, illustrations, etc.

A few community members (e.g. @hdastwb, @4safe, etc.) have tried to upload SVG images in the past, but they had to host them elsewhere because it wasn’t possible to upload them on this forum.

A few weeks ago, Discourse added better support for SVG images, so that’s why we feel it now makes sense to enable SVG images on this forum.

See this topic for more details.

Social media accounts

@polpolrene is posting frequent updates about the SAFE Network community on Twitter and Facebook.

Please follow @safenetforum on Twitter :bird:

Please like the SAFE Network Forum page on Facebook :thumbsup:

Is the community getting tired of maidsafe
Forum Update: New mod, some little changes
Welcome to the SAFE Network Forum
MaidSafe Dev Update 9th August 2016

I liked the most from the beginning. Please stay with the redirection of it to the new(er) domain name. Thanks.


Yes, we are planning to update to redirect to :slight_smile: (on Thursday)


What are the details of the problems with the domain? Isnt that yours as well or someone trustworthy?


Thanks so much for all your hard work.


It was (and presumably still is) in the hands of one of the community members who is no longer active in this community. Unfortunately, there has been no opening to transfer that domain name to a trusted party so we are migrating the community onto this new domain name.

I hope you understand and we will of course answer any questions or concerns that we can.


Have you heard from Daniel lately? I’m always sending him messages


To avoid duplicate content issues which can affect your Google rankings, you should 301 redirect all urls on to

You should also use the <link rel=“canonical” tag as described here to indicate the canonical url for each page

See also

Make sure to test anything you try first though. Googlebot can be fickle.


Yes that’s exactly what we will do :slight_smile:


Great suggestion. I had to learn that the hard way for my Blog a while ago. I only had about 350 odd articles back then so it didn’t take that long to do. Not doing it though effects SEO massively, so very advisable.


The move is planned for tomorrow between 1:00 PM GMT and 1:45 PM GMT.

  1. We will enable the redirect from to between 1:00 PM GMT and 1:15 GMT.

  2. Then we will reconfigure the social logins (Google, Twitter, Facebook and GitHub) to work with

  3. And finally we will automatically update all posts to use links from “” instead of “” (doing this should only take a few seconds).

Once we move to, you will notice that you are not logged in and so you will have to login by entering your email/username and password.

If you prefer to login using Google, Twitter, Facebook or Github, you will have to wait a few minutes while we reconfigure the social logins.

There shouldn’t be any downtime. already works fine, we just have to do the 3 steps described above.

There are a few other small things to do (e.g. update the redirects for but hopefully this gives a good idea of what you should expect :slight_smile:


We’re going to enable the redirect from to in about 5 to 10 minutes. I’ll post another message here after the move is done :slight_smile:


The move to is now complete. All the social logins should work fine and all posts have been automatically updated to use links from “” instead of “”.


You mean they have all the creds but not title? Who is it?


Not sure what your question is but we ended any uncertainty about ownership of the forum’s domain by moving it to @dallyshalla is in control of the previous domain but like @frabrunelle said in the OP:

Hope that answers your question


Ah, I see that now redirects to That might explain why I had to re-login for the first time since joining. For a moment I was wondering if I had finally got the chop from the forum bladerunners, I mean moderators. :smile:


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New user from July 1st until today:

2795 in total :thumbsup:


Coinmarketcap still directs to the old address. I sent an request to have it updated. (Perhaps a few more requests will speed things up)

Would be good if we can all check the links we know of.

Same goes for Decorum link on cap. @Seneca


Afternoon All,

I wonder if there are any new forum stats available like the first post in this thread please?

We have 194 members in our London Meetup group, and maybe gain about 2 new members each month. We don’t meetup very often though…
Many Thanks