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Wasn’t it from the Alexa website ranking?

It might have been an internal communication.

It isn’t Alexa (I looked), and searching the forum for China, or 35, yields nothing.

The missing 35% might be like the sailors on the Marie Celeste - we’ll never know what happened to them. :slight_smile:

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I hope they never went to China :smiley: No I think this one is lost to me for sure. I am certain I seen it posted though. Probably should do a bounty just for this one :smiley: Anyway looks like I was wrong or at least cannot prove this, but all the stats definitely show a different picture, so I guess it was a mistake thinking it was forum visitors at least.

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I remember seeing a very similar site showing a detail like this. Could have sworn Alexa was the web index I saw it on. Somebody posted it and it showed a really impressive percentage of this website’s traffic coming from China



I’m sure David feels like making that his profile pic right now!

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It almost seems like the page was recently blocked in China or something…

I swear I saw that same page in the past and China was #1 or #2, not Sri Lanka…

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this one???


If we ever meet your getting a huuuggeee beer. I thought I was going a bit mad there for a wee while. Thanks for the perseverance there. Seems there is some nonsense going on with stats though. Seems now changed or worse on alexa.

Now we must all wonder what are the correct stats ?

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i just search “china” + “alexa”


Lol isn’t that the same link I posted?

But it’s looking strange to me, Sri Lanka where China should be. Are you guys seeing different stats on the page? This makes it look like China can’t even see us:

Yea check the forum post linked. China seems to have been the top, but now on alexa it doesn’t even show ?

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The forum link that says this?

I see no 35% statistic. Ranking in any country depends on the total number of sites that the people there are visiting, so a rank of 26,201 for China compared to 128,085 for the world doesn’t actually mean anything. But one would reasonably guess that many of the 128,085 global sites receive no visits from China, for language reasons, while many more of the 26,201 are in the Chinese language.

That post had a link to a screenshot with percentages.

Dating from end of April this year but later in june someone else discovers in that same 8btc-forum another Alexa rating of - this time without China.

A Quora-question, “Is Alexa ranking meaningful for websites in China?” is answered with an example of stats from both Google Analytics and Alexa where China is completely of the charts too for Alexa.

Quora in answer to another Alexa-question:

How does Alexa rank websites?

Poorly, unless the site is ranked pretty high on the list. I can move the rank of one of my sites from 3+million to less than 500k simply by using a browser that has the Alexa plugin when I visit the site once or twice a day.

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OK, thanks for the screenshot, but it isn’t there now.

No, frustrating. Like you, I had looked at Alexa before but that link is a moving target:
At the time of posting Alexa must have shown what the screenshot has, China on top.

But they say it is a 3 month average? If that is the case it would not just appear momentarily.

Yes something’s quite suspicious here…

Here is a screen shot from @louiswwwwwww, link below


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