Forum Update: 2600 members, new Price & Trading topic


Hi everyone, here’s the eighth update about how our forum is doing and what’s going on in our community (read the previous one here). First of all I would like to welcome all new members. We’re at 2600 members right now :thumbsup:.

Next to all great new folks here on the forum, we’ve seen a lot of trolls and FUD posters as well. Our good old community members jumped in quite fast and flagged a lot of them. Thanks for that! It’s helpful as this forum’s getting more visitors. Flagging is the fastest way to notify moderators as they all get a notification directly.

Even with the support from the community, we’ve had quite some energy spent on the “Maidsafecoin, Price and Trading topic”. While we don’t have a problem with putting energy in this forum, our job is not to focus on new folks that come in to just talk prices and trading. This is a broad community forum and NOT a trading forum. After exploring several ideas we decided to add the following rule to the Forum Guidelines:

  • If most of your activity is in the Price & Trading topic, we urge you to find another place to talk prices. This is a broad community forum, not a forum for traders.

We also limited the #safecoin:price category to Trust Level 2. So new users can’t directly talk prices, they have to be around for a while and earn a certain amount of trust. Let us be clear: we have nothing against traders and/or price speculation. But we’ve seen people come in here to talk prices without even knowing what this project is about and without taking part in any other discussion. The price topic is meant for community members that want to talk price as well. We opened a new Price & Trading topic and stated the above in the OP as well so there won’t be any confusion.

So, after all this talk about rules and stuff maybe it’s time to quote @Viv here with some stats from several days ago about TEST 4.

This is all great news and let’s hope the devs get a lot of creditable information to focus on the next test ;-). Don’t forget to follow @davidpbrown as he’s posting regular updates on all the safesites out there.

The Ants are testing :thumbsup:

MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic
Forum Update: 2753 members, new domain (

*the ones he’s aware of and that are easily guessed. There’s no route to all that I’m aware of.

So, if you choose a more obscure url name and it doesn’t just appear on the list, post a link to it or it’ll wait for someone else to link to it. I’m scraping the links from the first pages of known sites too but there’s little interlinking atm.

http://explore.yvette.safenet holds the current list in Testnet4.
That also shows existing PublicID’s for which I can’t also find a website.


I’m not sure what this means - it seems to say it’s OK to talk prices etc in that topic, and then to say, but really it isn’t wanted on the forum at all. Is that the intention?

  • Speculation on MaidSafeCoin/Safecoin is only allowed in the Price & Trading topic.
  • If most of your activity is in the Price & Trading topic, we urge you to find another place to talk prices. This is a broad community forum, not a forum for traders.

I also don’t understand why the old topic was closed.


No, to me it looks like that is not the intention. On the contrary. This change is done to make sure that only long time members with a certain trust level (2) can join the price discussion. This is to avoid that (new) members only come here to spread FUD and MUD based on the Maid price. I think that makes sense, and I highly support this decision.


We had a lot of work, I mean really a lot of work with flame wars and FUD and trolls in that topic. And it were new folks for the most part (next to the great new ones that came in). Spending >75% of the mod-time on 1 topic is not good. Especially when the troublemakers just want to talk price without giving that much about the rest of the project. As we couldn’t limit just 1 topic to a certain trust level we created this solution. The old topic is closed because we wanted to make the new rules clear in the OP as well.

Not even that long, as a new member you can talk everything and anything except for the MAID price. But after 15 days of membership and taking part in some discussion in other topics you should be good.


Thanks for clarifying @MyLegacyKit and @polpolrene. It makes sense now, but I didn’t understand that from the post.


Just curious, is it known from which countries or continents these members are? And the browsers/lurkers/readers only that have no member account, is it known from where (country or continent) is the most interest in this forum? No biggie, just curious. Please don’t spend hours researching that data, ok? :wink:


I have no idea to be honest, can’t find details on that in mod-functions. Maybe @frabrunelle knows a place to gather these details.



Frabrunelle helped me out with some stats:


That’s interesting, I thought that we had something like this recently that showed China as the highest audience at 35%. I must check the maidsafe stats to see if I am confusing these two. I quoted that here on the forum whilst getting trolled to death. I will find where that came from and let you know though.


Source is Google Analytics.


Maidsafe web site shows very similar pattern, China is not even mentioned ? weird one


MaidSafe was #11 on that list.


It would be of interest to know what proportion were from proxy servers; that might account for the absence of direct connections from China.


I was chatting with Nick about this, he thought it may be from one of the testnet posts stating geo locations of nodes. I think he may be right, but I cannot find it. If anyone comes across it please post it to save my sanity :slight_smile:


Not this post, showing geolocation from test connections, but not China?


No, but that may be the post I was thinking of, unless I dreamed China was at 35% and the top geo on this site, I would not be surprised these days at either :slight_smile:


If it’s any consolation I think I saw that somewhere too.


@polpolrene this is brilliant. 95% of the reason I spent time in the speculation thread was trying to counterbalance and oppose all the fud.

If not it was just teams of 2-3 guys jumping around tag teaming each other on nonsense “facts”.

It got dirty, but frankly it had to and the result is this brilliant idea.

Like if you go and check the user summary page most of these fudartists have less than 5 hours of time committed to reading threads on this forum.

Go check out my summary I have what like 3 days worth?

How is it fair that the amount of brain power we commit gets invalidated by a bunch of trolls working together.

This new approach is world’s better.