Forum support for different languages

Hey everyone. We just added a new category called #local to the forum. The idea is very simple:

  • We allow 1 topic per language in that category.
  • All topics start off with the same message (see below)
  • We will look in the coming weeks to see if we need categories per language etc.

For now it’s 1 topic per language for everything about SAFE. Feel free to create your own topic in that category, but keep the OP exactly the same as we did with the Spanish version. The title of the topic should be in this order as well. Only start a topic in a language you are familiar with (google translation isn’t good enough) and only if the language isn’t covered yet.

Make sure to use this text:

This is a discussion forum about the SAFE Network, a decentralized data storage and communications network that provides a secure, efficient and low-cost infrastructure for app developers and users.

Please read our Forum Guidelines
We expect you to be familiar with the forum guidelines before posting a reply or topic. This is the Spanish topic. Please keep Spanish only in this topic.

These topics will appear on the frontpage for a few days to get everyone’s attention. After that they are removed from the frontpage.



This is really good, I hope we succeed in getting people to join discussions in different languages, I will try to get people to join the Spanish one.

If there is anyone around who speaks Spanish and would like to help me out with this please let me know, it’ll be good to meet some Spanish speakers which are currently hiding with their good English! :laughing:


I’ve always been able to get by, but if I’m just slowing down the conversation over there feel free to let me know :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d love to join in but most of my Spanish comes from listening to the Texas Tornadoes

Hasta la victoria siempre, compadre


That’s a very nice song!

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Very good, was about to suggest something like that aswell.

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