Forum slow to load at times?

Just to note the forum has been slow to load on occasion… perhaps is nothing, I don’t know if that’s a temporary issue. The dev forum is quick enough in parallel.

@frabrunelle can check the stats :slight_smile:

How slow? More than 10 seconds?

I just did a test on Pingdom and the results seem good:

We are running on the Business plan of and we pay $100/month (instead of $200/month) since we are an open source project. We currently have around 500k API requests / pageviews per month. If we get double or triple that, we might have to move their Enterprise plan :stuck_out_tongue:

If many users are frequently experiencing very slow page loads (e.g. 10 seconds or more), I could contact Discourse and ask if there is an issue. But I’m pretty sure that they are running their servers as best as they can, so I think it’s normal if it sometimes takes a few seconds to load certain pages.

The Dev Forum is currently hosted on a DigitalOcean droplet with 2GB of RAM. It has a lot of less traffic compared to this forum so that’s why it may feel faster. For example, the Dev Forum currently has around 3500 API requests / pageviews per week while this forum has about 115 000 API requests / pageviews per week.

Here are the results of a test I just did on Pingdom:

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Up to 20 secs on occasion… seemed to be the cdn discourse url that it was waiting on. At times I saw a result of just title and blank page. It’s not a big issue but enough times recently thought it was worth a mention… keep an eye on. Mostly, I see quick loads. Perhaps just discourse getting busy rather than site specific.

could you share more details about this? :slight_smile: e.g. a screenshot of the network activity when loading the forum

Seems fine for me, I haven’t noticed anything.

Thanks for all the in depth answers

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