Forum no longer works on safari

Just a quick heads up that I can no longer get the forum working on safari. Is this only me, or is anyone else experiencing this?

Which version of Safari? The forum works fine for me using Safari Version 10.0.1 :slight_smile:

Same version here - 10.0.1

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Do you see any error message or is it just a blank page?

No error messages, it just won’t load - so a blank page basically. It has let me access the front page on occasion but then just got stuck there.

Can you try accessing the forum in a private window (see the File Menu, then New Private Window) in Safari? Does it make a difference?

Just gave that a go and still no luck

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I’m not sure what the issue is. Let’s wait to see if other forum members also experience this :slight_smile:

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no problem with safari here

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