Forking the SAFEnetwork

Ummm, it was answered.

BTW answer this

You refuse to back up your claim that Maidsafe Asia even tried this, yet you want an answer to a claim that may not even be true.


Surely you have better things to do with your time than to attempt to stir up trouble by making rather obvious innuendo. David’s clearly stated that it’s all open source. Their relations with Maidsafe Asia are their business and not public business … and certainly no business of yours.


This is what @whiteoutmashups told me to be honest. Now he is mad at me for saying it and in fact saying I’m disrespecting David… I don’t see why this has to be hidden from the community. If they don’t have time to help MaidSafe Asia then it’s cool. No shame in publicly saying that no? And if MaidSafe Asia has never approached them, then just say it. No worries at all either way.

So he would be.

But since it is third hand information then it may not even be accurate now. And BTW David did answer you

BTW Maidsafe Asia is only a business that Maidsafe company has some dealings with from time to time.


Anyway no problem. I’ll set it up myself without needing the foundation. :slight_smile: but this is just so you guys stop saying I’m bringing shit up randomly.

Foundation, what foundation.

If you are talking of Maidsafe Foundation then no wonder you are confused. The foundation is not there to help people setup networks. Its a charity!!!


And still you cannot see that David answered you. But you still claim he didn’t and people are accusing you of making up shit. No wonder when you claim things that is obviously untrue from a simple reading of the posts above.


If everyone disconnects the oxygen bottle the problem whimpers, gasps then dissipates :man_facepalming:


Munches popcorn. I am honestly quiet shocked MaidSafe has spent any time trying to help this individual understand SAFE or anything related to producing his own test net. He is not a developer nor has a technical background, he is just angry MaidSafe will not produce what he wants, so he will jump up and down and say he will make his own when he entirely lacks any resources or technical skill to do so. I hope MaidSafe returns to focusing 100% effort on A3 and not on some randos mumbles… Jeesh.


That’s completely crap. I am frustrated that they may not achieve their original vision of having a decentralised mass adopted Internet.

Nobody can know that until after the project is launched because nobody can predict human behavior because human behavior changes in relation to other human behavior … This is a well understood problem in economics.

You think you know the future, you think yourself beyond other humans ability. This is foolishness at the least and appears to be arrogance - hardly the first time from you either, which is why people are responding to you the way they are. Your failure to understand this (so far) is why people are now asking you to get help. Do you understand?


In your so called “humble” opinion. As @TylerAbeoJordan says the future is not written and human nature is fickle. And you have not had world experience to be able to speak for humanity. (Nor I nor others really) But as one gets decades of worldly experience and looking at historical events we can gain a certain amount of confidence of how things might turn out.

Its the arrogance of youth to think they can speak for what humanity will do and in the face of some very learned people here. I dare say they have a lot more knowledge and more importantly wisdom singularly and especially collectively than myself or yourself.

Humble thyself and learn

OK I’ve edited to may not. Altho when I said that obviously it already implies may. Everything has a probability.

Some replies got removed for personal attacks and not being in line with our forum guidelines.


Jesus Christ this guy is complete cancer

:facepunch: :facepunch: :skull: :skull:


Just ignore him, how difficult can it be?


Has proven difficult, he found my WhiteOutMashups profiles on several apps etc


I have a feeling that we should propose a series of comics based on the discourses in this chat and several others for the OP on this thread.

Any takers?

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As long as every time David speaks there’s a
:boom:KAPOW!!:boom: or a :boom:BOOSH!!!:boom: I know it’s not the same style comic but still.


Forking hell or to fork or not to fork

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