Forking Clearnet Is It Possible

I’ve been wondering this for a while now…

But would it be possible to fork clearnet data just like how a Github repo works, onto the SAFE Network?

The purpose is more to eliminate downloading and uploading again, which can maybe limit data availability on the SAFE Network. Ideally we want most clearnet data asap. I can’t wrap my head around how this can be achieved, but it would be fun to fork, pay safe and have the data.

Oooh keee I do admit that I rather have that we have these internet speeds @ the moment.

But reality is… :stuck_out_tongue:


What is that a sponsored internet-archive?.. might be an attractive idea that just snapshots static content on demand - one person pays and everyone benefits. :+1:

Though for data quality purposes it would need another round of activity to make it useful, having a static repository to work against would make it easier.


I agree.
Copying whole Internet is not the best idea (at least at this point).
Saving information, which someone may want to censor - is better thing.
(Especially because Internet Archive become unreliable these days)

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As you’ve noted it’s not just about censorship… it’s about loss. Owners move on for alsorts of reasons and there is too much lost that is valuable.

Yesterday I found an app for scanning barcodes of books and making a simple list as a catalogue but it seems not possible to do that now with CDs… the old CDDB database and it’s follow on instances, don’t seem to be available now despite all the effort put to that. The greedy our-slaves-can-rent-everything model is getting absurd… this morning on the news they talk of the younger generation being encouraged now to rent clothes! Data should be available and not for rent…


If no one wants to delete data, then Internet Archive is good enough solution for the problem.

I don’t know how Github works but just noting how simple this might be… if you can mount a domain as a filesystem, perhaps it will be trivial to scp or scrap any clearnet content across. Would take a bit of trial and error but so much becomes easy once we have a stable working product - these ideas will sell themselves!


I like that in principle, but access to data requires at least the renting of the services of an ISP … so then we’d have to get rid of ISP’s and hence also innovate a system to maintain the common hardware – as ISP’s are basically paying for that now via the “rent” we pay for our Internet connection.

Also without competition in the space, innovation for better Internet hardware is also going to be much constrained IMO.

Obviously, the platform is distinct from the services… ideal that the bar for getting access is as low as possible and then as inclusive as possible.
There was a thought that Safe interfaces could be made available to the public … read only being for free.

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The business models can open up as well, with providers being paid by Safe Network directly etc. Not on the table yet, but I don’t think we should stop opening up and democratising at the first incarnation.

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