Following on from the - Movie topic.

I had a friend recently tell me they thought was a great site: “I like this because it’s really simple to follow”

Some relevant quotes from the documentary

10.40 Tim Berners-Lee - “I’m just gonna convert all of them to that [ie convert competing and incompatible data transfer protocols to his unifying internet protocol]”

Shows that one of the most useful things for SAFE will be tools to convert existing stuff from the clearnet to the SAFE network. Existing datasets and existing data processes. Import/export tool and data saving/loading libraries will be very useful.

14.10 Tim Berners-Lee - “showed the web as much as possible”

Tim spent a lot of the early days showing the internet to people. I think this is something currently lacking in SAFE, it’s not easy to show others. I feel there’s currently a lot of friction in the usability (understandable). Something I’d love to be able to show is a smooth identity management UI. That would be a powerful demo for a lot of people since it’s pretty-much unique to SAFE and something everyone seems to struggle with.



Ive said this before.

Not sure how you’d do it though.

Also agree on the comments about showing people. With social media nowadays its never been easier to show people. The issue is in getting them to pay attention. Farming is the key. Money motivates.

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Tools like the website creator demo and the CRM tool are a good start for this - they show how easy it is to get a site online.

Likewise, tools like SAFEDrive help to show how easy it is to upload files to the network.

Maybe clear net proxy sites will help to blend the two networks at the beginning too. Being able to upload to SAFENetwork once, then access it via clear net also, would be a boon for adoption. You may not get all the security/anonymity benefits, but it is an easy runway onto SAFENetwork. FWIW, a simple docker container with the SAFENetwork client and preinstalled, along with a simple app to do HTTP to SAFENetwork library routing would go most of the way and wouldn’t be that tricky to create. Perhaps even an nginx/apache module could do some of the work.


I threw some ideas about how this might be done here: “Content Bridges, Mirroring, Encouraging content providers to use the Safe Network

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Yes, one of the important motivations for me, behind wanting to mount SAFE as a local drive, is to make it easy for anyone to move data been existing systems and SAFE. Another is to make it possible for any existing file based app to use SAFE. Another is to make lots of existing file level tools available for use with SAFE.

Earlier I was thinking about tools for migration, such as to migrate WordPress blogs to SAFE press, and thinking about those tools was part of how I got to this point.

Another thing I’m keen on is accessing lots of existing RDF Data sets (WikiData for example would be awesome) and just copying them onto SAFE, and then building or porting apps to display and work with those data.

These are quick easy wins that will give us plenty to show.

While showing those apps we can demonstrate or highlight differentiating features such as:

  • one login for everything
  • no servers / credentials not leaving your machine
  • developer rewards
  • etc

There’s a big list, so we can tailor it for different audiences. You don’t have to be able to see everything in SAFE to be able to include it in a demo. Once we have decent demos that interest people, we can use them to carry other messages.