Forclosing on Republican Wars

Although the US has a big arsenal the issue with the current Republican idiots and their motivations especially with regard to war is that they would get the US into conflicts where it would be on the side of evil and if there were good in this world especially in the metaphysical and existential sense apt to lose. Every smart and ethical person on the planet is more and more likely to oppose all their ends and means and this has been a trend brewing since the transparency of 911. They represent a total pit of corruption. Are we going to hand the nuclear football to another set of dynasty oil monarchists likely to get in pissing contest wars as we did with the Bushes. American despotism extremely dangerous. They stand for inherited power, that is what they are about. We understand racial inequity as a form of inherited power. This is the type of stuff we are talking about. Imagine an airborne CRISPR that turned every white republican black, making the point of their inherited privilege culture mute.