Forced vaccination

There is no better example of why sponsorship must end.

Japan is a example of a country that is intelligent about this. They rolled back infant vaccination with huge statistical benefits. They’ve pulled teen Gardicil. Not they try to push any of it. .

The tech is shaky. This issue is unfettered state access to our children’s blood streams. They aren’t old enough to make the choice. The state historically has shown it can’t be trusted. But they are super pushy with
at tech that is laughable inadequate in some ways. For instance, you get vaccinated but its far from %100 effective so you can get the very same thing you’ve been vaccinated for someone else or a small group of supposed non vaccinated incubators. This stuff doesn’t pass the straight face test. We get that they think their are thresholds at play that will determine an epidemic, but the tech want to slid us down a slippery slop over is merely flame resistant (maybe not even that) and far, far away from flame proof.

The first principle of Nuremburg is consent and that actions be truly voluntary and not coerced. In the US we had lead in the gasoline and Tuskegee and radio active school lunch milk and other atrocities.

On their logic why not just get rid of carbon energy outright. This is the conflict of interest sponsored media creates. Why not just switch off vaccine company profit to help eliminate the conflict?

Remember it was the Nazi Drs. they psychiatrists in particular that set up the concentration camps. Der Furor didn’t want them initially. Aunt Bessie goes to Dr. and the family is told that they did the human thing and outpatient euthanized her because it was the human thing because her’s was a “life not worth living.”

The Vaccine companies have been caught lying over and over again trying to crank up their businesses- a true and horrid crime, Right now these people are writing legislation in CA. There was an outbreak of measles. For all we know given the industries standards and ethics they unleashed this epidemic of measles in CA. They do manufacture it after all. They pump cows full of virus and it effluges and wafts on the wind when they piss it out and animals are a vector. 35 years ago in the US the average kid might have gone to the Dr. 1x in 3 years. Now the average kid see the pediatrician monthly. See how well their vaccines are working, seem they are making it worse. Almost like diabetes, it was non existent now we have an epidemic which leads to dialysis and the meds make it worse. Vaccines are preventative yes, but how well do they work? Doesn’t seem like they work that good, and the stories about more airline travel seem laughable too. They aren’t interested in public health they have a criminal conflict of interest.

Right now in CA they are trying to make it so poor kids with smart parents get kicked out of public schools. If those smart parents can’t afford a private school that will take an vaccinated kid or can’t afford to homeschool the kid could be removed made a ward of the court and vaccinated- are they going to force the vaccination if the kid resists?