Forced vaccination is rape by the state

In California, they are going to make it illegal to avoid being raped by fully state indemnified for profit companies over an obsolete technology that doesn’t work that well, that has been rejected by more credible better national health systems and they are going to do it on the basis of sponsored research and sponsored media on the basis of their standing as sponsored politicians. They will be able to place anything they want into people’s bloodstreams as long as they call it a vaccine. They need to remember that money is not speech, but bribery in the context of speech. The process their are pushing has as a penalty automatic conviction and forfeiture of important constitutional rights. Is shoot first and suppress any questions. They will put families of children who are already receiving Federal payout for a vaccine damaged child who understandably want no further vaccination of family members in a compounded rape situation. They will put people with severe needle phobias in a torture situation. Poor people who resist will may have their children taken away over having their kids kicked out of public school but being unable to afford other options, still resulting in forced vaccination.

By their own policy exceptions for newborns and elderly they will never achieve close to 100% making it obvious that their threshold claims are really about quashing defiance of their phony authority. They are setting up the worst type of slide into tyranny and the contradiction of the Nuremberg findings on free consent could not be clearer. This comes at a time when women un the US are getting murder sentences for miscarriages. The two issues are one.

There is some evidence that the vaccines are spreading the very illnesses they are supposed to protect against, as illness is way up with the vaccination. This for profit plus indemnification and mandatory forced situation works to suppress superior tech like DRACOs, and really show their interest is not the public interest or health but setting up a mass assault and battery situation for intimidation and forced experimentation or worse.

Its about 1 kid in a high school or 2200 kids that is receiving the Federal pay out for vaccine damage on the tech the Supreme Court called inherently unsafe so the rate of damage is likely much higher. It was rejected by Japan, but we are not allowed to have a scientific rejection only a ‘belief’ rejection. Its completely ineffective against the flu or is literally spreading it (average American kid at the Drs 1x a month with flu or cold symptoms) be we are supposed to believe its completely safe and effective. Inoculated and inoculated are supposed to be able to spread the disease vaccinated for through the inoculated population. Idiot politicians have public health language in their bills that talks about “100% compliance” in the target populations as if we are their chattel or vassals or serfs and they had the divinely given righteous power of life and death over us. Next we will have contempt of Dr. or Nurse.