Forbes has become such blatant garbage

I used to like Forbes. But the quality of what is in it is so low now its shocking.

They literally have “promoted stories,” that is how belligerent and useless they have become.

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Yeah, everybody has an ad blocker and nobody under the age of 40 clicks ads even if they do see them. They have to find another source of revenue, and lying in exchange for money seems to be the popular thing to do right now.
I’m hoping that a news service on the SAFE network will be able to make ends meet by way of microtransactions.

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I agree. but I am hoping for somsthing less corrutible.

I wonder if it can be done open source. I am not sure we need to down comentary. Maybe DAO plus open source vetting through stuff like SAFE search trending. We ouselves seem to be the subject and object of news we should be able to manage somehow.

I think American media since the news paper has always been about sponsorship, and its led to the systemic corruption of our legal and political systems. They were always there to support selection and the peddeling of the lie through strategic money based censorship. But now that money is being threatened their true colors are more obvious.