For the people by the people

Catchphrases stick and make for great marketing.

People like hearing this sort of stuff and Kim may be onto something but I doubt it’s anything resembling the high quality of the SAFE Network project.


I’m excited to see what comes from Maidsafes new marketing department. There are a lot of ideas to work with.

The crowd sourced internet
The people’s internet

Tag lines like
Privacy, security, freedom
SAFE the internet
The worlds first Autonomous Data Network
Redecentralize the web

Etc, etc. widdleing it down to a few really good ones would likely have more effective proliferation though.


MegaNet pitched along side news about net neutrality, just as was suggested by bright members of this forum. They even say MegaNet is 4-5 years away, yet here is turned, the hype.

I know the guys in Troon are far more modest than KimDotCom, but tricks are being missed here. People should be talking about Safe Net instead.


What exactly is MegaNet? From the short description it kinda sounds like he’s talking about using mobile phones to make a meshnet as an alternative to current ISPs. Is that it?

Agreed. It is deeply sad that the likes of kimdotcom and countless other so called ‘new internets’’ are subject to so much media hype and publicity compared to SAFE. Hope the marketing team have some big ideas.


And he has never been about the money has he.

He needs the code built for him doesn’t he :wink:

Sponsored media release I’d say.


Oh I don’t care about the guy. I wish him the best to be honest, because what we have now is beyond acceptable whan it comes to the internet.

That being said, I highly doubt anyone will have a better product than MaidSafe. I am now an investor and want my horse to win, not just because of my investment but because we need a better internet.

Cool thing is, even if I lose my money with MaidSafe, I still win because the status quo is way beyond the best before date. A new revolution is coming and I am happy for this publicity. Most people are blind to the problem to begin with.

I did find Kim’s catchphrase entertaining because it’s the one I use to promote this place: for the people, by the people.

Exciting times ahead!

Hard to say. I found some forum posts about this going as far back as 2012. It’s not just coming out of nowhere but meh, I couldn’t find anything too concrete.

I found general info such as an internet that is decentralized, blockchain based, and without IP addresses.

I really didn’t want to dig in too deep because it’s not a project I’m interested in. I think MaidSafe is the best and most promising.

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He also has said that the SAFE network could be a major component of the storage for his network. This was during his Banktothefuture campaign. But has never committed to anything SAFE. Also the cynic in me says he will use the code to form part of his offerings.


Off topic: A funny thing happened to me this afternoon.

I went to a work related seminar today. One of the keynotes was Jim Stolze, founder of TedX Amsterdam. He had a talk about the internet, data and some other stuff. I coincidentally spoke to him briefly afterwards in the parking garage and mentioned Maidsafe and the SAFEnetwork. He said he never heard of it, but seemed interested. I gave him a SAFEnetwork sticker as a reminder and told him to check out the website and the forum.

Good thing I had that sticker with me. :grin:
Thanks again @victoria for sending those stickers together with the tshirt!


Yeah, I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him. And that certainly wouldn’t be very far :wink:


Hmm, I need reference material. How far could you throw David?


As long as it is to launch :smiley:


Ajit Pai attacks first ammendment tries to futher the drown out while saying its good for the public while attempting to convert telephones into oneway megaphones for propaganda.

Appears to be a dishonest bought and paid for piece of @!, hope some day were’re in a position to prosecute this mother @$!#:;. Maybe its too harsh, maybe being black mailed? Maybe get at the people at the top of the chain of black mail? On the otherhand I hate his reasoning its so idiotic, ohh investment is down. So what, that isn’t the point and look at how it worked out in the US when investment was up- worst in the world despite having silicon valley. These thugs feel safe in reveling in their thugness. Clearly they feel delayed by free speech in their attempts to punish the population, I predict prosecution.

Assange just warned Trump, my opinon is only reason Hillary’s 3 million more votes led to the business moron had a lot to do with how Assange’s constituency felt and subsequently used info to enlighten the electoral college- messing with neutrality is likely to remove him just as quickly because it enables pushing stuff like WWIII war with Iran easier and over useless petrol no less.

Kim pointed out a possible avenue of attack- remove excess capacity from devices. But on the other hand there is a possibility of doing to storage what quantum computers will do to compute cycles by using another q technique to possibly make storage very close to free. Not real compatible with eliminating spare capacity but could attack viability of coin. Coin functioning or not we’ll have some form of SAFE to keep us from being silenced. Comment about devices interesting too as we need unteathered cord cutting devices to get rid of ISP and their toll roads and spyware BS.

He’s been typical right wing Trump supporter with much hypo.
So I don’t I trust him.
It’s an interesting idea though.
O well, he’s got an entrepreneur behavior.
I’ll wait and see.

Plenty of people support Trump. Get off your high horse.

Thats the spirit! ISP are gonna screw us over.

Water is wet!

I know, pretty sweet.

nah. I’m not even on a horse.


Thank you for your wise words.