Folding at home (against Covid-19) -- Friendly competition :) Team Safe Network vs team Maidsafe

Please see @polpolrene’s topic for information or visit to read up about the project.

This friendly competition is an attempt to encourage more people in our community to join the project. The competition is in the form of “teams” and their points they earn from completing work units and seeing who does more work.

The software can be configured to run on CPUs only, GPU only, or the default of both. The configuration is done on windows by opening the icon on taskbar (hidden icons) and selecting “advanced control”. At this time if you select any (family of) disease then the GPU will work on the Corona virus and the CPU will work on any disease.

To join a team you put the team# in to the “folding as” parameter. Your chosen name needs to be unique or else you will see the points of all the others using that name.

Which team is your choice, and I encourage any and all people to start folding at home and hope you will join one of the 2 teams the community has.

Team “Safe Network”
Team Number: 255524
Team Safe Nework Statistics 175K points at time of writing.
Represents the SAFE network users
Started on 28th March (GMT +10)
Started my @neo

Team “Maidsafe”
Team Number: 257148
Team Maidsafe Statistics 138K points at time of writing
Represents the company MaidSafe developing the Safe Network
Started on 1st April (GMT +10)
Started by @polpolrene

Please consider running this folding at home project on your computer(s).

It will speed up the discoveries of drugs that can be used against the virus by disabling its ability to infect cells.

Important NOTE: Your electricity usage will increase by a certain amount depending on your hardware.




Thanks to @VaCrunch for motivation to issue this competition.



Any gamers out there with their nifty GPUs want to donate some of their spare GPU to the folding at home project to help find ways to turn off the virus by short circuiting its proteins with potential simple chemicals/drugs.

The modeling takes a lot of computing, rinse and repeat stuff and every WU (work unit) helps them get to a model and potential solution.

And a fun way is to join one of our two teams, some here have more than one computer and could join the two teams. Lets beat the virus. The quicker we find a solution the quicker we will be able to get back to some normality.


You’re on, I have alerted the team on slack. When we finish work laptops will be repurposed, qa capacity and all the old machines we have lying around being sent to to the front. Let’s change the world twice :smiley: :smiley:


The world will thank all of us who help model this virus. Its exciting to see folding at home bring together more computing power than all the supercomputers combined

It is actually also good news for the SAFE network since it shows that the world is willing to donate spare resources for a good cause if the people perceive it is worth it. And SAFE will have the added benefit to earn from it.

This presents an interesting situation when compute is built into SAFE, and that is the possibility to donate compute power and perhaps storage for causes like this. Obviously this would have to be a special case that cannot be hacked or lose anonymity. Compute is not so bad because once the work unit is done there is no ongoing costs, whereas storage is using a certain amount of resource “forever”.

Maybe it could be done similar to this but the communication is via SAFE to set it up and keep comms encrypted, but the compute is not via SAFE compute.

EDIT: and maybe storage could be done by people having small vaults for these causes and a special flag that denotes this is a donated storage chunk. Obviously anonymity for the chunk is not so important since its a charity style of thing so knowing the chunk belongs to special project is not important.


Original papers (patents to IIRC) had a donate function where the network would try and find where nodes were located and try to flatten prices. so poorer areas could benefit. The network effectively would tax all users and redistribute tokens to charities as well. It was fraught with possible hacks, but I still think there is merit in the goals of that.
As it stands the maidsafe foundation will benefit as shareholders and token holders and should be able to do something like this.


I did a short stint as temp sysadmin cover for a company that did a LOT of video rendering. Come 5:30 at night, every machine in the entire office rebooted into render mode and effectively became part of their already impressive render farm. At 9 in the morning, they rebooted again into normal mode. Wish I’d kept a copy of those scripts for inspiration…



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Two David Irvines,
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Theres only two David Irvines…


Have we found a clone of David?



I joined the team, but I was able to solve only 1 task. Sinec then my computer is unable to download next one. THe error log says: No WUs available for this configuration ERROR:WU01:FS00:Exception: Could not get an assignment. Do you see similar problem?

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They state on their site that they cannot supply enough WUs at this time. There are times when there is plenty and times where there is not enough

The stats says you have done 12 work units already and the stats have a delay in its reporting

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OK, so I will let it run and wait. Thanks.


@VaCrunch You seem, from the stats, to have multiple computers running folding at home.

That is great, congrats.

That would allow you to split them between teams, have you thought of that :grin:

Yes an unashamed hint


Three unused gaming desktops (Alienware). One running full, one medium and one light. I have always been a MaidSafe fan - perpetual season ticket hodler. I am not sure of that unruly cross-town team, Safe Network.


Your using our forum here, the SAFE Network community forum :grin:

The team competition is all in fun as really we are all together in this. Just thought I could get you to sneak at least one to change teams. :stuck_out_tongue:

The stats do not seem to update very quickly at times. I’ve had a few work units done since 5:02 GMT and the stats 8 hours later have not shown them. I’m sure they will appear in good time.

Even my son has started folding with his new GPU but not showing yet. He tells me that the folding does not slow down his games, but then again no games need anything like his new GPU

Yes, the updating of stats seems to be the quirkiest thing about Folding@home. I guess they have to conserve compute power for the real work. :smiley:


The funny thing is the stats for team Maidsafe seem to be keeping fairly up to date judging by the last wu found time keeps close to current time most of the time

Like its only 1 1/2 hours behind, not 8 hours

Hmmm. Maybe someone on MaidSafe team has inside pull.

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Nah as you said no rhyme or reason to how it does it. Some of it could be checking the result of the work unit. More than likely each work WU is sent to multiple computers and until all report back none is awarded the points

Work is progressing and they have modeled the spikes on the virus that enable the virus to attack to our cells