Folders are not uploaded correctly

Hi there,
I have experienced problems uploading a website with the web hosting manager.
Here is what I did:

  1. I made a website (HTML5) and tested it with Mozilla Firefox, Chrome and Edge. The website shows up quite normal on them.
  2. My website consists of index.html and two other files inthe main folder. Then there are 2 folders - assets and images each with sub-folders as follows:
    Main Folder
    * assets
    ** css
    *** images
    ** fonts
    ** js
    *** ie
    * images
    ** fulls
    ** thumbs
    2 .jpg files
  3. With the web hosting manager I uploaded index.html and the other 2 files in the Main folder, then both *assets an * images folders.
    4, Thus uploaded website appears in the safe browser without any graphics, just items listed one below another.

(* - sub-folder; ** - sub-sub folder; *** - sub-sub-sub folder)

Can anybody tell me am I wrong something or sub-folders have not been considered by the system and not uploaded this way?

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The WHM UI is hard to understand - the two options file/folders don’t seem to do what I would expect - so check what it has actually done, but I found it was possible for it to mess up the folder structure in ways you can’t then fix.

I’m trying to remember what I ended up doing which worked but am not sure as I’ve not done that for a while. Maybe @JPL can give definitive instructions?


What is the website? Perhaps we can see what’s wrong.


I have deleted it. How can I show it to you?

Could this be an “empty folder” problem?
A folder that only contains other folders and no actual files?

Can you try again and add a trivial text file to both assets and images? Let us know if this gives different results.


I’m with you there Mark, the WHM UI is pants (Particularly Annoying, Not Thought through Solution)


OK! Will do it and let you know. Thanks.

OK! I will do it and let you know. Thanks.

Please note this advice is one stage above “Switch it off and then back on again” - but only one stage above.
Somebody who actually knows what they are talking about will be around to offer a better solution soon.

Could you tell me who of the developers can show me the right way to upload the files, folders and sub-folders?

I think this may be a bug as I had the same problem recently. Maybe @bochaco or @hunterlester can help?

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yeah, I had the same issue and had to base everything in the main folder which is quite messy.
Not sure you can create folders with WHM tbh.

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It used to be possible. Not sure what changed (or when)


hmmmm… I’ll fire up and see if I can figure it out.


Yes, you can. When you select a folder the files and folders below the selected folder are uploaded but not the selected folder itself.

I have just tested it by reorganizing and reuploading my test safe site on community network. The file hierarchy is now the following on my PC:

  • xtest
    • index.html
    • img
      • safe_logo_blue.svg

(index.html references img/safe_logo_blue.svg)

In this structure it doesn’t work if you upload index.html and then img folder because safe_logo_blue.svg will be uploaded in the root directory.

But it works if you upload xtest directory because index.html file and img directory will be loaded in the root directory. The xtest directory name itself doesn’t appear in the safe site, only directory content appears (with img sub-directory having correctly embedded safe_logo_blue.svg file).


  • The url of this very simple site is safe://test in community network.
  • Tested with WHM v0.5.1 and SB v0.11.0 on Windows 10.

Las time I tried it worked also this: I selected the parent dir of index.html. I just wasn’t sure if I used subdirs then.

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I think @tfa has the key here. The WHM folder uploader can indeed be finicky. Your best bet to maintain folder structures are to upload the entire contents of a folder (ie the parent folder of your index.html), which will automatically upload any child dirs etc.

Watch out though, if you’ve any big folders / files that are children of that main folder, WHM will try and upload them too, burning through your PUTs :frowning:

Hopefully that helps!


Yip - just confirmed it’s working.

  1. Contents of main folder (the 3 images are in the images sub-folder):

  2. After uploading the “TestSite1” main folder in WHM:

  3. The “finished” site on Alpha2:

Didn’t do it from the root/main previously. Should have kept my powder dry until testing in a bit more depth…



Thank you,
Problem solved! I uploaded only the main folder containing index.html and all the subs and files in it and it works correctly.

BTW Would you mind listing my website safe://doggies.vmp in the list of safe websites? Thank you.


Cool site! I’ll add it now.