Fold against Corona (team: Maidsafe)

Completely off-topic! But hey, let’s fold some proteins together against Corona.

  • Group name: MaidSafe
  • Team number: 257148




This looks great! Thanks for sharing, I will give it a shot tonight. I hope my connection can handle it.

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Up and running. Looks like my wifi is too slow but will run an ethernet cable tomorrow to see if that helps.

As unfortunate as this coronavirus is, it might be preparing folks for the idea of sharing their resources. As I said in another thread a while back…

Go team Maidsafe!




Where do you go to see that visualisation?

I’m on linux - I had to download 3 packages Client control and Viewer - This is FAH viewer.

I’m still tryng to find the nice summary that @polpolrene and @Haigha have. I suspect that is a windows only thing, mine is not nearly as pretty - waaah

Next step is to see if my GPU can get used - its only a GeForce GTX 750 so its no heavyweight but I’ll give it a go. Son#2 has a much beefier GPU sitting doing nothing cos he’s quarantined in his new flat and cant get home to pick up his PC. I may venture upstairs with screwdrivers and larceny on my mind…

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21hr there (24hr for me) drops to ~10hrs if you slide right to Full… and not noticeable here at least on minimal other apps like browser…

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I had it at full for a bit but its maxing out 4 cores. I will install it on my 8 core laptop later but that will need to go in a different room cos it sounds like a hoover when its at full whack

Yep, its windows.

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Is it a realtime visualisation of what’s being built? I want that. I find visualisations really cool and informative. Will try to see if windows can have that, i prefer your UI myself. I wonder if we could have something like this for the safenet, obv in an anon way…

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There was some nice visualisation work done a couple of years back showing sections growing and splitting off. Perhaps that work could be dusted off and tweaked to suit the new situation. I hope so anyway…

As for the FAH visualisation, I suspect its just a pretty rotating picture of the particular protein that FAH is working on at the time and does not reflect any actual real time info. Why waste precious cycles for that when all effort sould go to the number crunching?


I missed that somehow.

Excellent point!

If you close down the web window, and find the folding icon in the bottom right bar, you can load the map from there.


Now team maidsafe is competing with team safenetwork (older team) with over 100K points


I didn’t knew about that one. Did a search for ‘folding’. But all is folden for the same goal :+1: :+1: :+1:


Our stats:

Still small, but we’ll grow when your computer finishes a task. My points should be added today. I’m in the 90s and 70s % with my CPU and GPU-tasks.


My internet’s dropped in the night, but I’m back with ya now. For some reason my gpu wouldnt do anything last night either but is happily chugging away now.

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It is through the browser:

Perhaps you can see it? The browser is not working for me today, just keeps reloading? Message bottom left says waiting for and waiting for

But I can actually see the same UI as you by clicking the program icon on my task bar and selecting either “web control” (the browser UI) or what you see “Advanced Control” and “Protein Viewer”. I can see in the advanced control the program is running…

I think the issue I will have is when it tries to upload my results (crappy wifi signal), I will have to make a long cable or just move the computer next to the router.

Not that it really matters, helping out in any way is awesome, but I wonder who that is, if it is related to us, and if the teams can be combined. It would perhaps be a good marketing tool if our community came out on top :grinning:

Edit: My “Total Estimated Points Per Day” vary between 15-16K.

I am also helping for “any disease” (which is good too) because I dont see a choice for the current Coronavirus.


Doubt we would ever overtake curecoin, but nice to dream.

Edit. Lol , I had put in the team no incorrectly, thankfully I noticed after only completing 1wu.


It seems CPU and GPU are different tasks. So it might take some time for one or the other to get tot your computer. It’s busy with Folding@Home, I had to wait sever hours last week before anything happened.

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