Fluoride and it's toxic effects


Awhile ago this came up in a few topics. I’m posting this just to show it’s not a “conspiracy theory” but there is actually evidence behind it. I’ll be posting other links as I find them and am so inclined. Anyone who wants to contribute feel free.

Incidently regardless on one’s position on the toxic effects of fluoride I would put forward that it’s wrong to mass medicate the populace against their will. If one wants fluoride in their water you can get fluoride drops or anything else to put in your body. You shouldn’t force everyone to take it. When I turn on the tap I should get water not a water like chemical solution.


I get my fluoride from beer (I think) it’s a very good beer mind you, so the water may be filtered.

I have a reverse osmosis system for home, so no fluoride in drinking water, coffee, tea etc…dentist not happy :flushed:

As a result of fluoride abstinence, I can fully observe the universe from my third eye…it’s awesome and way better than the Vatican’s ‘Lucifer’ telescope.


You have a third eye?


The link Blindsite gave is an article which is originally from the “Infowars” website - a very well known conspiracy theorists’ wet dream of a site. The article completely re-hashes the original “Lancet” article to mis-represent the evidence, needless to say.
Just more of the same conspiracy theory crap that Blindsite relentlessly posts.


Well…at first, I thought the artists are doing it…why not?

Then my friends were getting jiggy wit it…

So I thought, bugger it…I’m all in wit it


Oh dear…time to plug your telly back in I think…lol


Not the best article on it but should give you the cliff notes version on the pineal gland aka “the third eye.”

here’s another article

I’m sure folks like @Al_Kafir will just want to just go have a tea right about now, all this stuff about consciousness and spirituality will just give him a headache. But he did ask so I answered. And the information is there should anyone be interested.


Found a better source of information for those not interested in conspiracy theories and the supernatural:


Now there are naturally fluoridated sources of water with high fluorine content. And of course we couldn’t live without fluoride its part of one of the basic inorganic salts in the body associated with bones etc. There are natural lithium springs, inspiration behind lithium treatment in depression. But it seems AG Farben or some other German industrial unit wanted to chemically lobotomize Russians by tainting their drinking water with excess fluoride during WWII or WWI. Prozac or Fluoxetine has a nice little fluorine atom in its make up, hence the name. And it does seem a bit of a lobotomizer.

But alas the real issue may be that industry has a huge waiting liability with fluorine due to unlined fluorine pits used in decades of metal processing and other industries like chip making use these compounds with the compounds remaining reactive and ending up in drinking water. Solution is to socialize the cost and avoid the bullet by saying that any fluorine compound (including chip fab acids) will be good for you daughter’s teeth even if they fracture your grandma’s hips. And there apparently is stupid legislation like this. Mayor Golding in San Diego CA got into trouble over this if I remember- typical Republican. In this context its not sounding so pseudo science. Also if it’s going to calcify you Pineal gland there’s a good be its also carcinogenic as you know calcification…