Fleming Testnet v3 Release - * NOW OFFLINE - v4 RELEASED*

Go @Vort! :clap:


@Vort deserves some SNT :clap::clap::clap:


If I try to use safe keys create --test-coins --for-cli I get the following

error: Found argument '--for-cli' which wasn't expected, or isn't valid in this context

    safe.exe keys create --test-coins

For more information try --help

That means the CLI did not understand the command, so using --help should show available commands. (it’s a usual cmd line tool, they shoudl mostly all do this). Keep going though, it’s worth mastering the old command line.


No matter what I try it always hangs…Tried now safe keys --test-coins

EDIT: I deleted everything again and started from the beginning, now it hangs again with safe keys create --test-coins --for-cli

This means that you were on the older version of the CLI at that time, hence why deleting everything & starting again at least got you past this point. However it seems that the testnet has more or less ground to a halt at the moment - I think this is probably a good time to declare it offline…


Update from MaidSafe HQ

We feel that now is the right time to declare Fleming Testnet v3 offline for community use.

We may leave our Digital Ocean nodes online a little longer for staff to continue their investigations, but this testnet has now served its purpose by highlighting the next areas that we should direct our attention to, therefore no more testing from the community is requested until Fleming testnet v4 is announced.



Thanks to the whole team about this one, and special thanks to @yogesh and @lionel.faber for choosing the work over holiday! Much appreciated, though I hope this would stay as an exception :heartbeat:

As a community member, it was nice to get this chance to participate.

I think I have seen some new people in Github contributing to the code, am I right?


I wanted to give him SNT v3 version, but it is offline already:( But I will send him some v4 if he reminds me.


Offline again?

Yes see the post just a few above


I can’t believe I missed iterations v2 and v3. Will there be an testnet v4 coming out soon? These tests seem to be zooming by fast.

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Next week. Hopefully Wednesday or Thursday. I think I read that somewhere.

No dates have been given and personally I expect it to take longer. Just a guess.

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I expect Tuesday, so I hope they announce the T4 day in advance to have more nodes connected.

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Best to expect the worst and celebrate if it’s earlier than your guess. Next week sometime


I’ve read this too. Basically the middle of next week.

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With Fleming Testnet v4 now released, this topic has been locked