If I try to generate test-coins with safe auth create --test-coins it hangs. Someone knows what to do?
Edit: It works now switched console :slight_smile:

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Looks like i hit my upload limit.
Error: NetDataError: Failed to PUT Public Blob: Transfer(InsufficientBalance)

so that check works. :slight_smile:


Good work! Will there be official arm/aarch64 builds? The install script has x86 hardcoded into it.


If things seem to hang leave them running. Even simple commands are taking a minute or five.

Last night I left an upload running which looked like it had hung but it eventually completed even though when I left it there had been no output to the console. It was only two MB but probably took over an hour.

I think there is probably one of two bugs in that area, but so far I’ve not seen any real errors.


Thanks for your answer switched to powershell and it seems to work now :sunglasses:


yes Mark, thats fine, I was too lazy/tired to search for that link last night -sorry. Thank you

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I’ve been wondering about that but unclear what could cause it… seem commands hang after a time but work again in another terminal.


Hi Mendrit, this particular error you are seeing which I’ve quoted above is Windows specific. We’ve got instructions on exactly how to resolve it in the very 1st paragraph of the Windows Download section in the full CLI User Guide - click here to go direct to that paragraph and follow the instructions, should hopefully get you going on Windows.

A little later I will try to get put some exact steps together for macOS, though they should all be there in the OP - if there’s anything we’ve missed please let us know!


Not sure if it is important for developers, but looks like I know why my node were hanging yesterday.
It is not related to logging. Just logging gives extra ideas.

I was using custom launch command, which included --skip-igd (since I do not need it), --public-addr and --local-addr since it was required.
It may be that when you use the same port in subsequent runs, network messes up with your identities which results in hang: [sn_node] INFO 2021-04-09T12:55:29.451391100+03:00 [src\bin\sn_node.rs:104] - Pastebin.com .

The message occurred even I had some different version than Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 and this version I was not able to install until I did not remove the old one.

The actual instructions are quite deep in details, but still I would appreciate a lot to see some screenshots of Git running on Windows.

Congratulations to the entire team and the entire community !!! I will never forget the launch date of the tesnet, since it celebrated my best friend’s birthday !!! But I would like to convey the following concern to the community. I got to know the project at the end of 2017, and at the beginning of 2018, I got on the boat … I have always had a “global” idea of ​​the project, but I do not understand and I get lost in many of its developments … In short, I am an end user, not a person who is professionally dedicated to the world of computer science / programming / developers … and others … I have just checked that the tesnet has come out, but I feel the helplessness of not being able to get on that boat … it is too complicated for me. I’m dying to have a node and become a farmer … but I can see that I still have time for it … and I will also have to put myself “in the queue” and be admitted by the protocol. I have spoken with people from the project, and they are waiting to learn more, but they have the same knowledge limitations as me. I have been saving some money to get the necessary equipment (a good team, or two, the best that can be …) instead of buying maids … and I see that it is not yet known what type of equipment It will be the most “profitable” to be a farmer … I would like to know something more about when, a person “without knowledge” but eager to enter, lobcan finally get … Is it possible to light a light of hope?


Can someone from Maidsafe give us some information about how fast the network was when they run it internally? Is this slow speed problem of this life network only? I would like have some overview of whether the slowness is baked in the code and was there in testing environment, or it is because of some networking issues on public test net. Could you please post here some estimate times for upload/download/coin transfer you experienced in your local environment? Thank you.


Sorry to bother, but it’s essential to our SNapp, that users can send money to nrs. safe://cryptokid works, but cryptokid as seen below doesn’t, it use to work in the previous testnet. :sweat_smile:

eddy@hal9000:~$ safe nrs create cryptokid --link “safe://hyryyyyyr3cqeqy4fibcpkwqxu4asjphm86o9ezfkfrquhg77zafpsj3hac?v=0”
New NRS Map for “safe://cryptokid” created at: “safe://hyryygy9r6anbaqtztteohcxer396swiym1fp9wfjweyixtsduspzwy9ujhn7a”

  • cryptokid safe://hyryyyyyr3cqeqy4fibcpkwqxu4asjphm86o9ezfkfrquhg77zafpsj3hac?v=0

eddy@hal9000:~$ safe keys transfer 0.342 --from ac945eb3e10cd9180c0dfcc8206a95a1449e116149e2af3bf4b16eeff87a582f --to cryptokid
Error: InvalidInput: Invalid Ed25519 public key bytes: cryptokid

eddy@hal9000:~$ safe keys transfer 0.342 --from ac945eb3e10cd9180c0dfcc8206a95a1449e116149e2af3bf4b16eeff87a582f --to safe://cryptokid
Success. TX_ID: 0

A googolplex thx for all the hard work, super exciting to have a SN up and running again. :vulcan_salute:

I can only comment on baby fleming, but that was pretty quick. Obviously, all local, but actions were near instant.

I suspect there are many things that could impact on speed though. Slow nodes being allowed in, not being punished much for being slow, etc, for starters. I don’t know how much of that is in place, but I can’t remember seeing much on that side in the source code currently.

Then there is the known CLI issue that is causing various slow down and making it hard to upload whole directories. The team have an idea about that cause and it could well be causing all sorts of performance issues.

Imo, just proving it works, splits happen, things resolve, etc, are huge steps. The rest will come. I’m sure the team have learned a boat load of stuff already and the next few iterations will start to address them.


:face_with_monocle: 27.947999994 up for grabs there?..

Good to hear! I’m glad the Wiki could be of some use already :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Has anyone received rewards yet?

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This is important, if the code on localnet works fast, then the bottlenecks can’t be just long distances. For 60 second download latency we would need to have our vaults on the Moon:)

Anyway, for working web, we need super fast download. Upload can be slower, coin transfer can last seconds, no problem with that. But download is super important. Websites have hundreds of files and those are not loaded in parallel. Many webs need first to download some file, then start to download another, etc… So with latency in seconds, this still can work like advanced bittorent, but has very small chance to server actual websites. I of course don’t know where is the problem, whether the latency is caused by initial communication and than it is fast. I don’t know, how fast it is if I want to download 100 files in parallel, etc. But those are very important questions. And I would really appriciate if someone from the team could tell us, what speed do they expect once everything is fixed and ready to go live.


Self encryption and decryption seems like it currently is using AES on CPU. Doing this on the GPU should give at least 10x performance improvement for the encryption and decryption.


At the moment though, I think there are other larger performance issues that needs fixing first.

edit: It might already be optimized enough with custom instructions on modern CPUs to not be a bottleneck


Installed on Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS. Followed the instructions, no problem at all.

  • Downloaded the safe-the-planet.png
  • Created coins.
  • Uploaded a file: safe://hyryyry944czd9zjww7bhhnoceqwqbrzekyfdqezqrbchm4maai8yhbphurnra Toivo_through_bottle.jpg
  • Downloaded the previous file

Everything fine so far. Next up: joining as a node.