Fleming Testnet file sharing

I thought it would be nice to have a separate thread where members could post their file links. This way we can test uploading and downloading without polluting the testnet thread too much :slight_smile: .

So if you want to share some pictures or music or other stuff you like, post it down here!

Some instructions for the not so technically gifted people like myself:

Upload a file

$ safe files put ./to-upload/ --recursive
where ./to-upload/ is a folder where you put the file in you want to upload

Download a file

$ safe cat ‘put link here’ > ~/ ‘put file name here’


I’ll start:


Indeed @lukas, please add file name + file size

file name = ‘nancy.png’
file size = 3MB



My pup! He is a bit older and wiser now, but needed to upload something handy! :grinning:


Is there a way to download the files with their original filenames? Otherwise we will want to give out the file ending when posting files as well.

And file size could be good to give as well so you can know what to expect, it’s running very slow for me.

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Let’s see if network can store cats without problems :slight_smile:


Little space video.

safe cat safe://hy8aygymn871njm8qputxmcxy8ztsymm6nfnnzg4m64rcdcjd876jmjkfwa > space_nasa.webm

6 MB


Yes, it was wrong url. But correct URL throws errors for me :frowning:

[qp2p::connections] ERROR 2021-04-08T20:50:34.751686700 [C:\Users\runneradmin\.c
] Failed reading from a uni-stream for peer with error: Fai
led to read expected number of message bytes: connection closed: the endpoint en
countered an internal error and cannot continue with the connection: endpoint dr
iver future was dropped

Hmmm, weird… Maybe a bug… Or maybe only I have access to the file container?

I generated the xorurl from the original file with safe xorurl space_nasa.webm now, and it was different. I updated my post so you can try now if you want.

Hah, I read the file it outputted as a text file and it contains this:

Files of FilesContainer (version 0) at "safe://hyryyry4rw5f3mbuqzum3ybe8ffiwcedb6trx8tfi7g66ydpn681j4biironra":
| Name             | Type       | Size    | Created              | Modified             | Link                                                               |
| /space_nasa.webm | video/webm | 5983716 | 2021-04-08T17:17:49Z | 2021-04-08T17:17:49Z | safe://hy8aygymn871njm8qputxmcxy8ztsymm6nfnnzg4m64rcdcjd876jmjkfwa |

So it has the real xorurl to the actual file right there. :slight_smile:

EDIT: I test downloaded the video from the network and it works for me.

A looping video of some wavy shinies.

safe cat safe://hy8ayqyeyq3efa1p4dg8yi37q1rkagfbuiwobjc7u9fje18seoos5d696jh > fullscreen_wave_1.mp4
76 MB

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Download was successfull for me from the second try.


Cute cats! :slight_smile:

The network is veeeery slow for me, but it feels stable. Only rarely has a command actually failed.

Good first impression!

Yeah, same for me. Downloads are quite slow at the moment

I’m getting initial latency of a good few seconds before much happens, but then about 2MB/s after. My kids are abusing YouTube atm, mind!

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to upload my file i did the following.

safe files put samleap.jpg

where samleap.jpb is an image in the same directory.

This might sound like a stupid idea, but could people incldued the commands they used to create their uploads? e.g. linking an NRS to their upload.

Im a bit smooth briained.

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Huh, weird… I’ve been downloading that video for the last 10 minutes or so, don’t know what speeds I’m getting. Nothing wrong with my Internet.

It’s still downloading for me too, but my net monitor says 2MB/s at least!

EDIT: I see ‘safe cat’ is starting to chew up my CPU for the by 60mb file too (safe cat safe://hy8ayqyeyq3efa1p4dg8yi37q1rkagfbuiwobjc7u9fje18seoos5d696jh). I think something isn’t right there :slight_smile:

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safe nrs create -l “safe://hygoygyjyj7wrhgdbr83ynzmmhg81dwyprthtw74yjaoggw7geg4ohsmwsa” zoki

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I also just do safe files put filename.

I would be happy to know about some way to list the files I’ve uploaded so I don’t need to save them manually, if anyone knows.

So you are able to download fullscreen_wave_1.mp4 in ~40 seconds?

If so that’s GREAT performance, if we can all get that as a baseline when downloading/uploading from/to the network that would be superb!

Sadly, no. See above: Fleming Testnet file sharing - #16 by Traktion

I think there is a bug somewhere!