Fleming hardware support

@Maidsafe I’m planning to use an SBC to join in with Fleming so it can run 24x7 on dry land, and am wondering which Linux SBC CPUs will be supported early on, if any?

Wondering if my old Odroid will be up to it for starters.

I’ll be happy to have a go at cross compiling again of course.


Odroid will probably be ok. They got that working on the community Alpha 2 network. But I guess there will be some new libraries now, so…I probably shouldn’t be replying :stuck_out_tongue:


I think that was a community effort (points to self :grinning:),. I’m interested in what @Maidsafe anticipate providing in the early days.

I am hoping to push tthrough MUSL compiled vaults so we should be able target Intel/AMD etc. plus arm processors (hardware float and soft float) as a starting point. As the vault will be fully rust with perhaps a CLI then we are in a position to provide this kind of coverage quite easily. Clients are more limited though as many of the languages used etc. need dynamic libs, so a bot more tricky there. Those will likely target the usual teir 1 desktop plus ios/android