Fixing Capitalism at the Point of Distribution to End the Enslaving Tax Lies by the Wealthy

Just as the enslaving America South argued on its way out that it had a right to exploit, and just as the oil industry as it dies will try to make the same claim, the freedom of contract nonsense that the typical rent seeking thieving capitalists dogmatically insists upon is nothing more than insisting on a right to exploit. There has never been a market less free than the labor market, a so called labor market is by definition rigged because truly free people don’t prostitute themselves with selling their labor, you can’t rent a free man or woman. They never do anything for money the wouldn’t otherwise do.

So after the would-be rent seeker gets a bank loan, the way to shut that action down is through changing the tax language and the consequences of the tax- no surprise that tax is the key getting rid of usurious capitalism. Go beyond the language of unearned income for investments (you want to tax it heavily to limit it, bank loans are better than rent seeking so-called owners that like a debt that can’t be paid off who constantly work at market manipulation- they damage working capital. No use the elevated tax to dissuade them investing ownership games, instead have them use the money directly fund work but call it what they would try to pocket from other people’s work “owed income” or contested income which if in one year is not paid back or handed over in taxes becomes a debt and a garnishment. But go another couple steps as well. Say its a small business. Make sure no small business owner can take (pocket) more than 49% of the proceeds from the work of another. Once they have 10 associates (former employees) scale that to no more than 4% of the proceeds of the work of another. Make sure the incentive is there to actually pay the full amount to the ones doing the work, no games of puffing overhead etc. In the case of a patent, even where it is purchased or where one person supposedly works for another (an impossibility that must be stricken from the language- even in service, we only work ourselves- we never surrender our will in anyway,) 96% of the proceeds will always for life to the one the idea came into the world through.

Now this will cut down on all the phony little capitalists. As for actual rent, limit it everywhere to not more than 10% of the average wage per month or year and set up bank loans so almost everyone is born into a home their family owns outright. .