First up and downloaded data with python

Just wanted to celebrate a bit that the improved docs of the client libs helped me to get some data uploaded and downloaded to/from safe (the real alpha 2 network) from python :partying_face:

So now we know how that we can do it and how - the only question left is when we’ll manage to get it programmed in a way that can be used by anybody in an easy way :hugs::heart_eyes:

Python for safe is coming :partying_face:

Safe will change the world and it will be amazing :star_struck:

Ps: Oh and of course I want to invite every python developer out there to get involved!

All the code and findings are open source and on github

Feel free to do anything you want and together we can make sure the Internet as it should be will succeed =)


Not sure what Will’s schedule is looking like these days but I’m pretty sure @whiteoutmashups and his troop prefer Python and might be interested. :slightly_smiling_face:


There are many of us who feel more at home with Python.


Awesome, well done @riddim!

When you feel it’s polished and ready it should be linked and described here as well:

Maybe the site needs ‘community maintained bindings’ as a category?


Great to see another iteration of pySAFE!

It’s been years. Definitely lots we can do with it


riddim has really carried the torch here. A lot of mucking about to finally get this result, but what you don’t see here is that threading works now too so this can be a proper async library. Time to get working to make it easy.


This should be useful to create a SAFE component for home assistant , so that it can be used for home automation to store sensor data and stuff like that.


More languages to access the network mean more people able to access it :slight_smile: , thus, more awesomeness.
Thank you Riddim for keeping the iron hot !