Firefox Flash Phase-Out

Woot! Less aggravation from using the net, on the way.

It never ceases to amaze me that the subjective speed of computers (for most people) both on and off the net tends to get slower year by year even though hardware today is orders of magnitude faster than the first PCs. An example of a datapoint in such a trend is that some people complained that the IBM AT was reading their minds, because it responded so fast to keystrokes (compared to the IBM XT) that it seemed to be responding before people pressed the Enter key. No-one today makes such complaints, on computers whose hardware is astronomically faster.

It’s because so much software development, like so many other aspects of modern economies, is devoted to jerking people around rather than delivering what anyone actually needs. So you have vast complexes of cubicle-dwellers churning out software crap on the orders of corporate fiends, designed only to squeeze a few more pennies out of someone. Does anyone actually need SEO? Or popup ads? Or endless tracking? Or a million other piles of shit. How about attorneys or accountants? Does anyone wake up in the morning and say, “hey, I think I’ll pay some jerk to fill out government forms for me or drag me through some pointless rigmarole?”

Then, in 2017 (probably Firefox 53 in May), Flash content will be entirely click-to-play: so, you’ll still be able to play Flash games and watch Flash videos, but all of those Flash ads and hidden Flash elements will be completely blocked.


Steve Jobs was truly visionary, banning flash was the single most important thing he did to move the human race forward :confused:

Flash? Uninstalled it a few years ago, and never looked back. :slight_smile: