Firefox 49.0 Proxy refusing connections - Resolved

I maybe tired and there might be something obvious I’ve missed but I note Firefox updated to now v49.0 (Linux Mint 17.3), and I’m now struggling with basic connection via proxy in Alpha. I saw the same on TEST9 in a different PC and thought that must have been a deliberate change to encourage beaker… now I wonder it’s something else.

I don’t mind as I do think use of beaker is the way to go but just noting this, in case there’s an issue that will throw a curve to those following the

I’ve done all the obvious checking of Firefox and Network Proxy settings and both looked good for the .pac. Beaker works fine, yet Firefox via proxy doesn’t connect. :confused:


Here’s my usual checklist:

  • make sure launcher is running :slight_smile:
  • if not working on FFox proxy, go to network settings and click “reload” on the pac file settings

That second one usually gets it done for me

Yes… me too! Which is then why I’m confused by it. Beer is not helping :slight_smile: I’ll try again tomorrow.

Ok, so today I’m wide awake and checked the proxy in the launcher and found it was disabled!..
Yet, I have no idea why that would have changed… rather odd but I’m happy again :smiley:

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