Finding MAID from the crowdsale

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Hi @grob and welcome back.

The forum came months after the crowdsale but if I recall correctly you will have provided some bitcoin, sent it to an address provide by MaidSafe, and your MAID will have been returned to that address.

If you left it there it will still be there, so the first stage is for you to find that address. Then check it has the MAID (by posting the address into

Lastly you will need to find the private keys for that address.

Exactly what those steps involve will depend on how you managed the process back at the crowdsale, so if you need help try to remember as much of what you did as you can.


I am sure there was a spreadsheet posted as well.


@Grob may have the tokens from the ICO. The swap for Coins is yet to happen

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really appreciated, will dig further and find out form where I sent the btc… that is the key part I’ve not known :slightly_smiling_face:

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