Finding a developer to hire

Is there a good way to find a dev to hire for projects on here? Perhaps have a category for hire? Not sure how that would work. I know I have ideas only half baked at the moment so not ready to hire by any means but I just thought that would help lower the barrier to entry for entrepreneurs who don’t have coding background. Or perhaps someone create a platform for safenetwork for launch to do just what I’m suggesting like say square space. Until then if there are devs that have time maybe it would stimulate some more projects.


Worth asking @David but I think there must be some cost to running this forum. Perhaps app builders/core devs etc. could do what we have done and ‘buy’ a space up there on the banner. To be paid in safecoin on app launch / revenue etc. so not paying but promising to pay. The issue may be @David @ioptio might not like this for good reason and people may just push add up there which would be terrible, perhaps if people asked for devs and it transpired they were just spamming we could ban them ? Don’t want an add culture for sure and the forum is super clean at the moment.

As I write that I think you are right perhaps a section for authenticated members to post job adds may be a good idea. So sorry for rant/brainstorm :smile:

what about if it had to be approved? Post → approve → list. this would work while the section is still small, and almost completely kill spam.

I could def see spamming so excellent point we don’t need adds. If there was a ranking system for devs successful projects? But then it’s like are we soliciting or do we have a ‘wanted’ section? I thought of if there was something in the forums Before launch it could be paid in maidsafe coins but I don’t know since there’s no safecoin price yet because maybe it would be too unfair or speculative. Not sure but to stay true to maidsafe :wink:
I feel like I’ve opened up a bag of worms but I just know there’s a need for me personally so there has to be for others and if it helps maidsafe then it helps all of us. I’ll keep thinking but would love more feedback thanks for the response @dirvine. Anyone else on here in same boat as me possibly looking for dev help??

I do like approval idea but then who approves? Are they paid for their time and would that turn into a blast battle of denying of devs if devs could have access to that.

There is definitely going to be a demand for devs Nigel. You are 100% not alone in that. I have countless use cases in mind for the Safe Network and I’m just one person.
The enterprise solutions that can be imagined on this platform are pretty staggering. It’s not going to take long for that to be recognized and demand for platform devs to be quite high. I think a dedicated process for connecting with devs is highly called for.

P.S. @dllasoff is getting a think tank going for individuals interested in Safe Network development aimed at the community at large, coders and non-coders alike.
His thread is here: Safe-Cafe

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A separate section definitely … since I got featured here I’ve been receiving approaches from Bitcoin recruiters who somehow think I live in the US like all US recruiters always assume … sigh.

Recruiter spam is very annoying … they basically just spam entire lists of people with irrelevant crap.


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I would like to see place a place were we could post ideas without necessarily any proprietary interest for the dev community to comment on. I dont have the technical knowledge to properly assess my imagination.

So @ned14, even the devs get spammed? Boy that makes me really think. Things need to be efficient. I’m curious could you elaborate? Real spam or just too many ideas, none sense ideas? Lack of organization perhaps as to what services or niche is desired from you?
@janeannford I sympathize but don’t let that hold you back taking in all the tech babble and piecing it together :wink: cause it’s def mind expanding and good stuff to know and at least try to grasp. But maybe instead of dev community forum a “resource community forum”? Yay nay? Maybe a different name “new user community” I would join in on occasion for sure.
@AdroitDroid23 I’m glad we’re not alone I only see the need for it to grow we all may as well be the ones to seed it. What’s your opinion on it residing prelaunch in this forum under its own category? On top of that what solutions to stop the spamming on both ends? I’m still thinking I’ll be devoting most of my thoughts to this for now it’s something needed for the likes of us and overall more options to the network.

@Nigel and @AdroitDroid23 This is exactly what we hope BuildItHub to become, not to say it has to be the only one by any means. We (@dllasoff and others) see the need for an infrastructure that makes aggregation of SAFE teams and building of projects as easy and efficient as humanly possible as paramount for the network. In fact we were just talking this morning about inviting more people with project ideas onto future SAFE Cafe episodes so they can get the exposure and find people excited and willing to help make things happen. We did not want to put the BuildItHub category on the homepage as to create a lot of noise. Perhaps this was a mistake??? I for one don’t want to be seen as spamming the community.

@janeannford Add your projects to the Projects category and see where they go. Hook up with us on SAFE Cafe if you want to meet others and find some folks.

Please consider joining us with BuildItHub. We need a Wise Crowd…


Enough said I’m in. So safe cafe would act as the public forum to attract devs, and then buildithub is where apps or sites would be available for building. Is buildithub intended for all open source or could be used as a medium for devs and entrepreneurs (for lack of a better word) to collaborate and then (the sweet part that the maidsafe team already built) upon agreed amount both wallets of contributes are coded in for a lifetime of royalties basically. I know it’s a new concept but do you and @dllasoff have a framework? Thank you


I would normally get about 15-20 job approaches a week, almost all of which are recruiter or agent spam. Occassionally I play with them if I’m feeling bored waiting for tests to cycle or something, but usually I ignore. They’re just the usual “come work for this shit hot job doing whatever [so I can get my five grand commission]” thing.

I might see one or two a week where someone has actually read my LinkedIn profile instead of keyword spamming me and are trying their luck. The location is usually way out though (e.g. “come work in San Francisco!” - yeah, you clearly have zero understanding of your own H1B visa system).

Once a month someone has done some serious investigations and writes a serious approach. @dirvine once did that, and then kept after me for more than six months if I remember until I relented. It wasn’t MaidSafe I was rejecting, more the uncertainty of a startup having just started a family.

In terms of people pestering me for feedback on their pet ideas, I get those constantly too and almost always ignore them. My time costs money, quality feedback definitely costs money and if a person isn’t willing to stump up proper consulting money then they can’t be very serious really. If it’s a very well thought through idea where the sender has clearly done their homework but is clearly stuck and I can very easily help, then I usually answer, no need to be a dick unless you have to and you might as well bring some joy to the world if you can. I think that latter point goes for all the top software engineers, I’ve had Dennis Richie or Rob Pike reply in length to emails of mine, it’s about demonstrating you’re not lazy and looking for free expert advice without having earned the right to it first.


Oh also I think buildithub should be on here just in its own category which is what I think you meant. I don’t know if it starts to muddy up the forum or not :confused: but in a way it’s a great spot since this site is really a hub so. And given any frameworks you and David have already set up so I’m not spinning wheels or stepping on toes I’m willing to lend ideas and help in whatever ways I can :smiley:

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@chadrickm will speak to BuildItHub’s framework. The SAFE cafe is just getting started but yes, we are using it to attract devs to projects that will get paid in SafeCoin. We are running w/ the idea of leading the development of something called the Open Value Network (OVN) model (as congruent w/ the nodal community that the SAFE Network will become) for individuals to self-aggregate to, contribute/add value to/for the OVN and they in turn get paid the lion’s share of the SafeCoin that the app earns. BuildItHub will pioneer this development on the SAFE Network and provide templates/tools to any app builder to do the same, having built the bridge so to speak. This also gives BuildItHub even greater value. This is the big picture and we’ll be discussing the OVN model extensively over the coming weeks on the SAFE cafe. We’ll be talking about BuildItHub and any other apps that people are developing for the SAFE Network. We see that we are doing something that’s never been done: giving OSS people a way to get paid with an income stream and yes, “a lifetime of royalties basically.” Thanks for joining us. We need you and the value that you’ll create/add, for sure. And, I’m looking forward to getting to know you and having on the SAFE cafe!

@ned14 your post speaks volumes! Time is money for sure and so I feel like maybe there should be a dev prerequisite page, something to get people to the right level before contacting you even. Not sure if that’s technically “enforceable” but damn that would slim things down for you if people followed but like you said it was rare for people to your linkdin which prolly describes exactly this. Hmm thank you for the details and honestly I think I have homework to do. I’m new to even the idea of having something developed but I like solutions and that is what drives me but it def has to be in alignment with where an idea leaves off and a dev picks up for sure

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Awesome @dllasoff I hope to join a safe cafe meetup soon! I did read the thread on OVN a little I’ll catch up before I drop in on a conversation and likewise on getting to know you and the rest of the group!

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Great, really looking forward to getting to know you, Nigel!

The banner is a little experiment on highlighting a post without making it a sticky. I think it works, but I don’t plan to make that a general ad space… There are some costs and I might look at ways to cover them later but I want to avoid ads. I’ll probably just ask for some donations, see how that goes.

Regarding finding devs, use the Projects category, create a new topic where you describe your amazing project and say that you are looking for developers! Do we need a specific category for it? I’m not sure. Post here and see what others think.


+1 for donations instead of ads.

I also agree that the first step is creating threads about specific projects and go from there.

Totally agree and noted! Thank you clear answers. :smile: