Finding a currency symbol for Safecoin


Given those are Unicode, I don’t see why they wouldn’t work well.



I prefer the first one: :bulb: I give myself 1000ߐ


Δ Delta is kinda like a network with 3 nodes, and this is AFAIK the least amount needed for maidsafe to work.


I see what you mean.

I just don’t know where to find them.
and copying your’s I find marks within them.

Minor details. Yes, I’ll take 1000. But I’d like to store them in the so called “bank” ߛߝ that looks like that one.


Unicode Character “ߐ” (U+07D0)

Unicode Character “ߝ” (U+07DD)

Unicode Character “ߛ” (U+07DB)

The marks might be a right-to-left (rtl) character.


yep! good to know the lingo.


Bank vault - ߥߟߕ
We’ll end up fluent in Manding at this rate :smiley:


That’s interesting. Never heard of it before. Its time will come at the rate assault on the central dogma.

As to a Bank Vault. A double helix might be better - more flexible. :chains: sort of


I’m curious about the A symbol. I would like to know more about the meaning. I have seen this symbol before.


Image result for 777 casino chip




In Linux 777 means anyone has permission to do anything with it … not quite sure that works for a coin :sweat_smile:


I just finally noticed the explicit archetype of 777 already existing.

Image result for maidsafe
Image result for safe network
We could always go with 666. :japanese_ogre::smiling_imp:


Nah, go with 333, then you have a foot in both camps.

333, I am only half evil


Nice. Half evils are the worst. Harder to filter, but easier to flush. :roll_of_toilet_paper::toilet:


If 333 and 666 are the logic, why not go for maximum effect: 999. Because that is a no no no for the Germans?
There is a saying: ‘Come to the dark side. We have cookies!’. But we don’t want something like HTTP cookies on the Safe Network, I think :wink:


You can’t make this stuff up…I’ll stick with the 7s.

Image result for tech symbolism 666